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Saturday, 9 May 2009

A Lovely Autumn Day

Oh, what a lovely day I had today. It was such a glorious, warm and sunny day in Brisbane (what else is new) that Voyt and I took it quite easy.

The day began with brunch at Mondo Organics at West End. I had been meaning to check this place out for a while but since they don't do Sunday breakfast, it wasn't easy for me to get there. They are Australia's first fully-licensed organic restaurant with an extensive menu plus the best-tasting coffee in town!

Owner Brenda Fawdon also runs regular cooking classes if you are interested. I introduced myself to Brenda today so there could be an upcoming Thea & Sami Organic Fashion Parade at the restaurant. Networking with like-minded people is definitely the key to growing your business.

Then we strolled up the street to the local Op Shop, again something I never have time to do. I picked up some old bed sheets to try an idea that I have been thinking about. I can't tell you exactly what yet but yes, it does involve screen-printing + upcycling. Voyt was excited because he found a French book and a Portuguese one. Did I tell you that he is fluent in 4 languages? Which is probably why he can't remember other things on a daily basis.

After that, I was eager to check out the new Tangled Yarns store that opened recently in Newstead (why was I the last to know?) What a lovely surprise when I walked in and people recognised me from the Stitches and Craft Show! I am super-excited because the store offers crochet lessons for beginners, the one craft that I haven't mastered plus knitting lessons.

I also found out that there is a weekly stitch and bitch group that meets on Tuesday evenings at West End. I will update you once I know the exact details.

After all that excitement, we went to the studio to screen print fabric for a couple of hours which really didn't seem like work at all. So don't fret Steph and Susan, your Rose Fretwork printed hemp/cotton will be posted on Monday.

I also want to point out that I have employed someone to update my website weekly (namely my son) so will be listing new products, including clothing and craft packs soon onto our on-line store.

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Kylie said...

Sounds gorgeous, Thea. Thanks for the Info on Tangled Threads - I didn't know they do lessons. I've wanted to learn crochet for ages too. My shameful admission is I live just up the hill from it and have never been in! Thanks again. K

Thea said...

Go to their website (via blog) and click on classes. They take a min. of 2 per class so we should do it!

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