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Friday, 19 June 2009

Not Your Everyday Softies

Whilst there are many adorable hand-crafted toys, I am thrilled to have found something truly original. These quirky and distressed darlings were unearthed from my own pool of talented blog followers

As part of my "follow-your-follower" series, I introduce you to Tasmanian designer Little Black Crow and her wonderful toys (not for children) that are distressed with coffee, tea, sandpaper, feature vintage materials and are sewn on a century old Singer sewing machine.

Each toy is one-of-a-kind and I love that each character has its own life story. Mandy the elephant can be seen busking outside the ferry terminus at Circular Quay in Sydney and is quite the balloon sculptress.

Laura bunny loves to to tell stories. One day while playing with her little bunny friends she told a tremendous tale, how she was orphaned when her parents where killed by a rhinoceros while climbing the Himalayan mountains!

Paul Bear is fashioned in a classic 1920's and 30's bear pattern.

To find out the rest of these toys' incredible stories and to discover more, make sure you visit the Little Arty Crafty Crow Blog.

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emma lamb said...

what a great discovery! Mandy the elephant is fabulous... :)

thank you for the wee message today and for adding me to your international friends! it is a very happy coincidence as i've just awarded you with the 'One Lovely Blog Award'

have a great day... :)


Sandrine said...

Mandy the elephant is certainly a special little friend!!Thanks for introducing this lovely blog to me.
I love the idea of follow the follower as soon as my life pace slow down I would love to start too;)

BlackCrow said...

Wow, thank you so much, what a lovely surprise!
I even had a little laugh reading those stories again...:)
Congratulations on your blog award!
Now to check out some other discoveries!

Leah said...

just adorable I'm off to visit the blog!

CurlyPops said...

I love the Little Black Crow. I have one of her beautiful creations. Her name is Esther Bunny and she lives in my bookcase.

Helen said...

Wow thanks Thea for sharing the softie stories. I must look out for Mandy next time I'm in Sydney!

Just letting you know that you've won an award over at my blog for being "exceedingly charming"


Thea said...

Wow! Two awards in one day. Thank you my lovelies.

mygirl said...

Fantastic, these guys are so cool, going to check them out,so unique

rachel the krafty girl said...

oh my those are sooo precious

hope you have a lovely weekend


Tania said...

Lovely softies, oozing bit sof personailty all over the place!

Lynne said...

These are so adorable and cute. A lovely find Thea. Congratulations on your award as well, hope you had a great week-end, sorry to have missed the music in the city.
xx Lynne

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