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Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Whew! The relocation of the printing table went relatively well. I had been stressing about it for months as I feared that it would be a huge job.

We had to move our VERY heavy, 7 metre long table to the larger studio next door and fit it along with the textile dryer, cutting table, etc. all into one space. Although this will allow us to cut down on expenses, I can't help feeling sad to leave my original little studio. It has lovely natural light as the only unit with street-facing windows. My new studio does have sky-lights so at least I won't have to depend on the colour-distorting fluorescent lights.

We had to use car-jacks to lift up the legs and roll little metal skates under several legs for ease of movement. This was not as easy as we thought as the parking lot had a substantial dip, causing the skates to keep falling off.

The hired skates only go in one direction so we had to realign them each time we wanted to change direction and keep re-jacking the legs. This strategy didn't really work either because of the uneven ground so finally, several people had to lift up one end of the table and do a 90 degree turn. There were 7 people in all including myself which is why I couldn't take more pictures. So apart from a couple of scarey moments when the table top came off the steel frame in a few spots, there were no major mishaps.

Ssssh, don't tell my neighbours but we did leave huge circular scratch marks in the parking lot which we will blame on aliens if asked. Luckily, we did this on a Sunday evening when there were no witnesses and we had the room to manoeuver because of the empty parking lot.

I would like to send a big thank you to my wonderful and able helpers; Emily and brother Dan (pictured above), Voyt and fellow percussionists Didier and Martin and to Eleni. You are awesome!

This is the table in its new home. Do not fear; that ugly wall colour is going to go!

We had to readjust all the legs yesterday with the aid of a builder's level to ensure that the table was perfectly flat. This is especially important when printing meterage (or yardage) otherwise the large screens would not lay flat and the design repeats would probably not line up as they should.

The plumber reconnected the screen-washing bay yesterday so we are ready to keep screen-printing.

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Kylie said...

Congratulations on the move, Thea - looks like a great big space! :) K

Thea said...

The space will actually be quite cramped as I still haven't moved everything over. We will make it work somehow.

Anabel Fournier said...

All the best in your new space!! Sure you will make it look amazing in no time! It looks huge.

CurlyHead said...

It was touch and go there a few times. I didn't know if we would make it through the night...what a relief that is over!

Leonie Guld said...

Good luck with the move, I'm sure in no time it will feel like home.

KT Doyle said...

Glad it went well Thea, now you can keep doing what you want to do and not worry about the move anymore! X KT

KT Doyle said...

Glad it went well Thea, now you can keep doing what you want to do and not worry about the move anymore! X KT

Leonie said...

woa! great space! I'm sooo jealous!

Nikki Cardigan said...

Thea, I was holding my breath as I read your post. There must have been some moments where you thought your 7 metre long table would be a permanent fixture in the carpark! I'm glad it all ended well and you are settling into your new home.

PS. I love your plan of blaming the aliens!

Katy said...

Congrats- now you don't have to worry about that anymore!....those damn aliens!

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