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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Georgi No E Please!

I haven't followed my followers lately so allow me to present to you Georgi (no e please) Lewis, fabulous Furniture & Product Designer.

Georgi aka Georgina Lewis is one of the speakers at Pecha Kucha this week in Brisbane. I am looking forward to hearing all about Georgi's new environmentally-friendly children's table and chairs. The table, two large and two small chairs are all cut from a single sheet of sustainable ply. The idea is that the pieces slot together without the aid of glues or screws. You've gotta love that!

I have custom-printed an organic cotton tunic for Georgi to wear on the evening. It goes nicely with the whole eco-theme. I will try and photograph her and the design on Wednesday.

Georgi has also created an adorable range of small glowing critters that you can buy flat-packed and roll into tea-light covers. See Dino above and Sharky below. The collection also includes Squark (cockatoo). These are a great gift idea; easily posted anywhere in a sma
ll envelope.

Speaking of Pecha Kucha; have you heard about this great event? On monthly at locations around the world, it is a platform to give creative types the opportunity to sell themselves and their products. Quick and to-the-point, each designer/artist onlys get 20 seconds per slide, 20 slides in all. The next Brisbane event is on Wednesday, September 2nd at the Powerhouse at 8.20 pm. Visit here for more details. Attendance is free, just turn up! You can also visit the official Pecha Kucha site to see if there are any events in your area.

I have not had a good week and have planned to shoot pics of my new fabrics tomorrow. My camera clicker fell off but I have happily discovered that I can still take photos by pushing a large pin into the hole instead. This will be a temporary fix until I can afford the time to have it repaired. I have become so good at problem-solving. Necessity really is the mother of all inventions. Wish me luck!

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Georgi said...

Thea! What an amazing post. Thank you and I will do my best to live up to it when I speak at Pecha Kucha. I look foward to catching up with you there, looking great in my Thea & Sami creation!

Emjie said...

I really like those little lamps. The assembly of the kids furniture looks like it would be a fun activity.

Beach Vintage said...

It never ceases to amaze me what creative people can think up.

Chichi and Luxe said...

wow Georgi's "flat pack" furniture sounds amazing. she must be very talented! i love out of the box thinkers!

viera said...

Hi Thea,
Thanks for stoping by my blog and lovely message.
Your fabrics creations are soo lovely.

Harvest Textiles said...

Looking forward to seeing photos of of the tunic! I love the pack flat furniture.

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