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Friday, 4 September 2009

Domestic Goddess

I'm not really a domestic goddess; my house is actually a mess right now as I am busy preparing for my new fabrics launch next Tuesday evening. I have been shooting the fabrics in my studio and this photo came about purely by accident when Emily commented how cool it looked. I was ironing out the centre fold line and it reminded us of a 50's housewife. Can't you just imagine her pressing her curtains to perfection?

Hubby installed a curtain rod on my back wall and with the help of crocodile clips, I was able to quickly hang up the different fabrics to photograph in their entirety. My studio is located in an industrial unit so there was plenty of natural light once we opened the high roller-door all the way.

This is my pineapples design now printed on organic cotton twill. I would love this in my kitchen! I have custom-mixed this colour myself and have named it "Sunripe Yellow". Do you like that name? The yellow we used for the striped fabric
is being called "Lemon Sorbet" courtesy of Melissa Healy of Futari Design who suggested it. I love coming up with names for colours - it's one of the fun parts of my job.

Thank you to everybody who has been leaving comments in regard to on-line shopping. The comments are so useful and I will be revamping the website with those in mind. Click here If you would like to offer your feedback too and have a chance of winning my beautiful hand-printed table runner.

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Kylie said...

Oh Thea! I LOVE this fabric! It looks divine - love the yellow you've mixed up too... just perfect! That top photo is fabulous :) K

Dragonfly said...

Hey Thea, speaking of 'domestic goddess' the pineapple fabric would make a great apron!
Cheers, Karen

Beach Vintage said...

Lovely Thea. I can picture this with a housewife too. Looking forward to Tuesday evening.

Lyssy May said...

I love this pineapple design of yours and I can't help but smile at this gorgeous yellow!

Cute as Buttons said...

Those pineapples are great, Thea. Iconic Queensland goodness! Will you use other colours? Lisa.

Chichi and Luxe said...

ooooh great print! the yellow is the perfect tone!

well done - looking forward to your launch :)

Thea said...

Thanks for the feedback girls. The pineapples will also be available in "Daintree Green" on the organic cotton twill and canvas.

Anna Bartlett said...

Hi Thea
Yes, I can see you ironing out that seam for the photo!
I've blogged about your table runner too so I hope you're getting some of my friends over on your site.
I've also listed one of the teatowels you printed for me as a Mailing List prize this month. I love the green you mixed for me for that project.

Emma said...

Hi Thea, the photo on the ironing board looks great!

Georgi said...

Stop the pineapple press! Just Gorgeous. See you tomorrow night Thea!

Faith Hope and a whole lotta Love said...

love love love the sunripe & pineapples!! simply stunning!!

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