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Monday, 26 October 2009


I am not a happy vegemite. My lap top has finally died and I have not been able to blog or update my website. I also have some production issues to sort out. Why, oh why is good help so hard to find?   

On a brighter note, yesterday good friend Georgi Lewis and her good friend Paul Hagger volunteered their services to photograph some Thea & Sami homewares, including our new range of hand-printed cushions.  The photoshoot took place at Georgi's lovely Queenslander in East Brisbane.

I am visiting my friendly computer geek today so should be back in business asap to show you all what I have been up to. Thank you all for your patience.


Dragonfly said...

Oh no!! What a bad case of 'Mondayitis' !!! On a happy note, cushions look fab!
Fingers crossed all will be fixed with minimum dramas and effort!
Cheers, Karen

yardage girl said...

Oh no - it's such a pain when things go a bit woolley for a while. The good news is that it never lasts! The photoshoot looks lovely. Good luck with the geek!

Emjie said...

What! No labtop!! I can imagine how annoying that is. The computer has been directly hotwired into my brain for over ten years. I actually cried when I once thought I had lost a few years of computer artwork.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Sorry to hear about your computer. Hope it will be up and running very soon!
Great pics of your photo shoot. Wishing you a wonderful week. :)

Beach Vintage said...

Hang in there girl. All will be OK.

Amanda said...

A photo shoot is so exciting - I love seeing the results of all that work through the lens! Computers can be so frustrating can't they?
Hope the week has picked up!

Nikki Cardigan said...

I hope your friendly computer geek waves his geeky wand and magically makes your laptop all better.

Little Jane St said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Hope your week gets cheerier!

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