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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Jewellery and Ice Cream

Plastic Queen Liana Kabel is showing new jewellery designs at Movenpick Southbank (Brisbane) this Thursday. Ice cream fanatics, jewellery fanatics, actually fanatics of all kinds are invited to come along.

Liana is one of the orginal upcyclers of old plastic objects including knitting needles and tupperware. She explains that "With a Tupperware Lady mother and a Jeweller father what else was I going to be but a jeweller obsessed with plastic!"

Knitwit Stripey Bangles.

Knitwit Hoops earrings made from vintage knitting needles.

I love this Crinkle-Cut Bracelet - in aqua, one of my favourite colours. This is made from recycled Tupperware. Purchase from Liana Kabel's Etsy Store.

New floral brooch designs made from plastic scrap materials. Do you want to see more? Visit Liana's blog: Plastic Girl.

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Happydacks said...

Love Liana's jewellry, I hope you are going Thea...I wish I was able to! Thank's for the intro to her work. Chele

Thea said...

Yes, I am planning to go so may take some more pics.

A Pretty Trip said...

Great find! Thanks for sharing.

Beach Vintage said...

I agree about that bracelet Thea, it is devine, and made from Tupperware. I love it more!

Anonymous said...

Hey Thea.

Thank you for your comment! I love the Tupperware jewellery concept!! That's a fabulous idea... It's great! That's a fantastic way Tupperware will never die! hehe


Lizzie :-)

Chichi and Luxe said...

how amazing!! i love the stripe bangles and those plastic flowers!

(by the way i've changed the date of my event to late January - so invites will be going out early jan)


brismod said...

My friend Susan wears the knitting needle bracelet. It looks so fantastic and edgy. Lovely blog by the way. Regards Anita

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