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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Oh Baby!

Meet the newest member of our family! This is Matteo Jordan born last Sunday to my sister Christina and husband Roy. Doesn't he have the loveliest hair?

This is protective and older brother Joshua. I'm sure he can't wait until Matteo is big enough to play with him.

Speaking of families, most of you probably don't know that I come from quite a large one. I am the eldest of 4 and my parents come from families of 7 and 8 children respectively. I have 30 first cousins!

Now I want to tell you how much I LOVE being part of the blogging community. Much of my business comes from my blog followers and I like to support them in return. As a time-poor aunty who doesn't enjoy running around shopping centres, I was delighted to find an ace gift from one of my newest blog followers, Monique.

The above image is a Cuski comforter and it has to be one of the best inventions ever for newborn babies. Made from organic cotton, it has been designed to absorb the smells of the mother before being given to the baby to peacefully sleep with. As the baby grows, it can be safely sucked on, cuddled and loved. I bought it in the minty colour but other choices are available. For more information, check out Monique's on-line store Your Cheeky Monkey.

I also purchased this pack of organic and natural baby products here from my friend Lisa of Beautiful Baskets. I can't praise the exceptional service of both these lovely ladies enough. Please support small and local business!

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Stephanie and Carlos said...

Look at him!! He looks like a baby boy!! Congrats to the family and I am sure there will be so much love from your massive family!! Woohoo for Monique she is awesome!!

xo Steph

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Thank you Thea so much for the mention! And your nephews are just gorgeous :)

Kim Wallace :: Udessi said...

Aw Matteo is so gorgeous and cute ~ and just look at that hair!

Leisa Zoeller said...


And thankyou for this review. I have a newborn baby living with us at the moment (well, hes now 5 weeks old) and the parents are having issues with my not dealing with being away from them to sleep. This will be absolutely perfect! Thankyou thankyou thankyou

Posie Patchwork said...

OH those lips, he's gorgeous!! I love being an auntie, best role in the family. My husband & i are both the youngest in families so we became aunts & uncles in our teens. My lucky 4 children have 19 first cousins, so much fun at Christmas. Our families are big from our generation down. Love Posie

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Little Matteo is just the sweetest!!

Bella said...

Just adorable. Congratulations to your family.

mondo cherry said...

What a gorgeous bub! I tried my very hardest to have a baby with lots of hair like that but had no luck - after 6 with very little hair you have to give up!!! Just being trying to get some of the blogging you way homework done... been a long time since I had a homework deadline!

Catherine Lowe said...

Congratulations Thea! What a peach :) LOVE that hair! Oh my gosh, massive family! Your gatherings must go off! haha

Thea said...

Our family gathering involve a lot of crazy Greeks and some Italians yelling!

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