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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Shaping the Domestic Goddess

I used to be able to do this and I will again.... soon. I have promised myself that I will get back to exercising so visited the Pure Health gym at Coorparoo yesterday. I have done 3 of their Pilates classes already and they're great! I tried out the first class for free and then purchased a 10-class pass which is better (I think) than having to commit for a year. Most gyms in Australia will offer you a free trial class if you ask.

If I were in Brisbane this weekend, I would be attending Michelle Vandermeer's book-binding class. How beautiful are these leather-bound journals? This is a great opportunity learn from a pro as Michelle lives and usually teaches in Sydney. Some places are still available if you visit Michelle's blog: Shelbyville.

Have you ever wanted to make the perfect cupcake? These delights were made by The Cupcake Company here in Brisbane and they teach classes! To register your interest, visit here. For classes in Perth, visit Babycakes and in Melbourne, check out Crabapple Cupcakes.

There are numerous places to learn sewing such as The Thread Den in Melbourne and here in Brisbane, I can personally recommend Ana Fataccioli's classes. Ana (pictured) is a professional pattern-maker and also teaches pattern drafting. Visit her website here. In Melbourne, you can learn how to draft your own patterns at Designer Stitch.

Even better, certain Melbournians (you know who you are) can stop harassing me now as Screen-Printing workshops are starting at Ink and Spindle's studio this month. Of course, I am still teaching screen-printing in Brisbane.

Do you know of any other great workshops? Please let us know. Oh, we're going to be a nation of super-skilled domestic goddesses this year!

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Healthy Shift Worker said...

Cupcakes and pilates??!! I don't think they go together Thea but good on your for getting back into it!

Thea said...

Exercise always justifies indulgences :)

9crafty11 said...

I have found inspiration here, look at doing a cupcake cooking class, try some execise afterwards, & arrange to make a pattern to fit the ever growing stomach, which no matter how much exercise I do, never shrinks! So will continue to eat cupcakes in sorrow. lol! No but serious I have looked at all the sites here & am serious about chasing them up! Thanks for the heads up Thea

Thea said...

Glad to hear that you are inspired Julia. I want to do the cupcakes course too so let me know when you go.

Shimi said...

I was the receiver of WII Fit for Xmas, which I must admit I thought would be a complete waste of time, but the Yoga section of it is actually really good.

Exquisite Accessories said...

Hi Thea, I need the gym too, you go girl I am thinking of starting yoga on a friday morning! Will be posting you on my blog soon I am back in full swing for 2010 love the cupcake's (yummy)
The books are cute too! Hears to a great 2010 Elaine :)

Mooce Baby said...

Hi Thea, I am joining gym tomorrow : ) I want to do pilates and joga classes. Thanks for posting this - I will check Ana's classes too.

Thea said...

I was thinking of the WII Fit, it looks like fun but I know I'm not motivated enough to exercise on my own. Good on you Petra for joining the gym and I hope you are inspired to try out the yoga class Elaine. x

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