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Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday Follower - Emma

Emma Gascoyne is this week's lovely Friday Follower who I know through the Brisbane Craft and Market scene. As designer of the label Up in Annie's Room, Emma creates a variety of interesting jewellery items from new and found materials.

We had plenty of time to catch up for a chat when we were neighbours at the last Young Designers Market. That's Emma on the left and the customer admiring her wares is none other than one of my previous Friday Followers, Holly Leonardson who popped by to say hello.

Emma made the bird in the hanging cage that represents her logo.

Emma's vintage typewriter keys bracelets are a favourite of mine.

Modern pocket watches with Emma's drawings.

Emma's newest creations are these modern cuffs made with beautiful hand-printed fabrics from Thea & Sami (I guess I am biased here).

Okay now it's question time.

1. Where does the name "Up in Annie's Room" come from?
When I was young and things went missing, my grandmother would always respond that it was "up in Annie's room".

2. Have you always been a crafter?
Ermm no. I remember my grandmother trying to teach me to knit as a child and I probably resembled a demented stick insect with her huge needles and seemingly not enough fingers to keep it all under control. But I have always loved to draw and enjoy art in general so guess that's sort of craft.

3. You have a lovely, evolving range of products. What inspires new ideas and designs?
I love experimenting with textures and colour. I think it's fabulous to be able to use fabric but I'm not really crazy about sewing, for example. There is just so much you can do with all the goodies available to us as crafters now. I love how inspiration will hit you when you're not trying to make it happen (I think the reverse can be true too).

4. Do you have any formal design training?
No, I was a banker working in foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives before I had my kids (and hated it btw).

5. Is your craft business a full-time job?
Not really, I have a 2 and 4 year old that need my attention although they do try to "help".

6. Do you have future plans to expand your craft business?
I have had a few enquiries from retailers in the past but have always steered clear of wholesale. However, I am now exploring this option with some of my new stock and seeing how I can make it work for me.

7. Is there something interesting about you that you share and that isn't common knowledge?
I submitted a portfolio and won a place in the young artists program at the Queensland Art Gallery when I was 10 (and now wish I'd paid more attention). I also have secret obsession with 70's television.

Thank you Emma. For more, you can visit Emma's blog and Etsy shop. All photos are taken by me except for cuff image which is courtesy of Emma Gascoyne.

Friday Follower is my weekly column that features one of my blog followers. It allows me to get to know one of you a little better and to say thank you for your support. Will you be next?


Linda Robertus said...

Those typewriter key bracelets are indeed brilliant! Thanks for showing them here. I'll go and check out Emma's blog and Etsy store!

Karen Brock said...

Emma's cuffs are really cool! and her words
'inspiration will hit you when you're not trying to make it happen' is so true!

Posie Patchwork said...

Wow, always great to meet another accidental crafter!! So many of us have degrees in science & maths yet motherhood triggers this ability to be able to sew, design, create . . . the you remember your teachers at school saying "don't go to Uni to do science, you need to go to Art College". They were right!! Great work & attitude, pleased to meet Emma. Love the business name, my 3rd daughter is the bower bird in our house!! Love Posie

sean the prawn said...

love the cuffs & enjoyed the little interview.

daisy janie said...

Those cuffs are wonderful! This is such a nice feature - thanks for sharing.

Exquisite Accessories said...

love the cuffs, your fabric looks so good on them Thea will definetly have a look at Emma's blog, have a good weekend Thea, I am all locked in, hope Cyclone Ului dosn't do to much damage!!

one sydney road said...

I'm in love with the typewriter key bracelets...brilliant! So retro and vintage and cool!! Love her words, very inspiring!

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