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Monday, 22 March 2010

Blog Class Love

As many of you know, I recently participated in Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way class. Wow! I knew it would be good but the course seriously exceeded all of my expectations. Covering everything from overcoming writer's block to legal issues and photography from Colour Expert, Leslie of A Creative Mint.

I am glad that the class started in January as it was quite intense and I don't think I could have presently devoted the time to benefit as much as I have. If you are interested in participating in a future class, I do believe that Holly plans to teach another one in September so it's best to follow her blog for updates.

Needless to say, my classmates included many talented bloggers and it's been interesting to see their blogs develop over the 7 week period. I would like to share 5 such blogs here. I have not necessarily chosen the most established ones but those that I thought were interesting but perhaps not known by you yet. It was difficult choosing from 180 blogs but I will be featuring others in future as part of my "Friday Follower" series. Please note that each image is courtesy of each respective blog and may have been cropped to fit my page.

The beautiful crochet cushion covers are from Dutch craft blogger Petra. Visit by Petra for more lovely images and inspiration.

A little further south and we travel to Bordeaux, France to visit Nathalie's blog Flowing Moments. Nathalie has recently renewed her love of photography and shares her creative journey with text that often includes inspirational quotes and poetry.

Have you ever wondered what to cook? Look no further than Alison's Beets and Biscuits. Alison will share mouth-watering recipes and cooking tips with you such as this Wok-fried Salted Chili Crab.

Mitzi takes us on an adventure around America's midwest to discover vintage and hand-made treasures such as these exquisite birds from artist Ann Wood. Visit Mitzi's Collectibles.

For those who can't resist vintage clothing and accessories, you will absolutely love Strawberry Lemonade. Alexandra is the author, has personality plus and models her own envy-worthy wardrobe.

I have so much to share with you over the next 2 weeks including new homewares, craft kits and stockists so please come back folks!

Screen-Printing Class Update: fully booked for this Saturday. Future class dates are unknown at this time but definitely not before June.


strawberry lemonade girl said...

you are so so sweet!! thank you lady.
Can't wait to check out these other blogs too!


flowing moments said...

oh, you make me smile :) I am very honoured to feature among these very talented ladies and I am glad you enjoy my blog ... have a beautiful day !

nicky said...

Hi Thea

Been checking in on your blogs and loving your posts. Your photography is great and love the way you tickle our creative mind. Wish I was in Brisie to come to a print work shop maybe I will get back there and book a session in once mulberry is a little more settled, all good by the way;) I am living in Malvern and there is a really cool print studio that you would love just round the corner from me. It is an old fire station which has been converted, it is government funded and run by mostly very passionate people from the local community. I will take some photos and email them to you.
Alyssa has been keeping me posted and tells me things are going great guns, good for you. Nx

Wicked Child Designs said...

Hi Thea,

Thanks for the cake and coffee, and very happy to have one of the last story bridge skirts !! I think I will gift it to a sister, I don't have the time (or talent) at present to make it smaller for me. These blogs look very nice, will have to go check them out before I fall asleep. Thanks again, and see you again soon. xo T

Beach Vintage said...

Thanks for the link on Petras site, she is amazing! Thanks so much for your sweet words yesterday.

juliette said...

it was so hard to pick 5, wasn't it?! =) good job!

Alison Clayshulte said...

Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog! Your so sweet. I love yours and look forward to reading more. Totally made my day!


ps. Do you know Steph Bond of Bondville? She's a good friend of mine and in Brisbane too...what a small world. : )

Thea said...

Yes, I do know Steph. It's a small community here in Brissie and I have spoken to her at various markets and blog meet-ups that she arranges here.

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