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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New Store and High Tea

Who says you can't mix business with pleasure? Today I did exactly that. Firstly, I visited and delivered some Thea & Sami products to Lace and Bark, a gorgeous little store in the Brisbane suburb of Nundah.

Would you like to know how I met the lovely owner, Daniele Bywater? She was one of my classmates in Holly's Blogging Your Way course (see previous post). You can check out Daniele's blog here.

The Lace and Bark shop was borne through the couple's desire to make unique handcrafted furniture easily accessible to the public. Daniele's husband, Stuart Bywater, is a talented furniture designer/maker who completed a degree in furniture design at the Canberra School of the Arts over 15 years ago.

He has since been creating individual pieces of furniture using plantation and recycled timber. All are made using traditional woodworking techniques and Stuart can also be commissioned to create something special for you.

Lace and Bark represents both soft furnishings (lace) and wooden furniture (bark) and all homewares are proudly sourced from all over Australia.

You will find exquisite pieces for the home personally selected by Daniele such as these metal roses. The store is open every day except Sundays and Mondays.

Around the corner you can enjoy high tea at Queenie's Tea House which is where some family members and I met to celebrate my mother's birthday this morning.

Poor mum doesn't look too happy but she has been stumbling around on a broken leg after a third operation to correct it. She was our queen for the day and yes, I did print and make my mummy a scarf. She still loves her not-so-little girl making things for her.

Happy Birthday Vivi!

All photos taken by me :)


one sydney road said...

Oh that's so fun that you got to actually meet someone from class face to face!! I think it would be so great to meet up with people from class, I miss it already :)

Jodie said...

I think mixing business & pleasure is absolutely fine too!

Love your mums scarf however it may just clash ever so slightly with the yellow tiara!

Kerri said...

Thanks for the tip, it's always nice to find a new shop to check out. Hope you and your Mum enjoyed your day at Queenies, it's always so lovely there.
Kerri x

Allison said...

So great to see some photo's of Daniele's lovely store and fantastic that you both have met IRL from BYW.
Happy birthday Vivi!

Anonymous said...

Hi Thea
thanks so much for the lovely blog post and of course the wonderful products you make. Its so great to promote great Australian talent such as yours, and of course the high standard of products you make :)
Hope your mum enjoyed her special day and that she wears that tiara often - as befitting a princess
Daniele x

flowerpress said...

I can see my Ruby Slippers print in the first photo! Thanks Thea for putting a face to the lovely Daniele. What a great shop! If only it were closer to me. Susie

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