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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Flea Market Finds - Very Retro

I love reading Sophie's Library Adventures, particularly on Sundays when she and others reveal their Flea Market Finds. As a vintage collector from way back, I have wanted to participate for a while so today I am organized enough to do so.

One of the my most treasured finds is this screen-printed hanging found at a local Vinnie's shop a
little while ago for a pittance. I'm not sure what the plant is but I love the artist's lines, colours and texture of the hessian (or burlap).

The design is signed Rodriquez. Upon further research, I discovered that this is an Australian
second generation family business that is still designing and screen-printing tea-towels, particularly for the tourist market.

Do you remember the
IKEA buffet that I gave away earlier this week? It has now been replaced with this vintage teak sideboard found at the Woolloongabba Antiques Centre. While not exactly at flea market prices, I am more than happy with it as I had been looking for a while and it is in excellent condition. It is now storing all my table linens and family photo albums.

This ceramic little fella was found at a thrift store while I was living in Ontario, Canada for a couple of dollars. His eyes are ridiculously large but I love him. He is in fact a money box. Check out more thrifty finds here.


Tracey said...

Hello :)
The linen cupboard and drawer unit is just beautiful! It looks in perfect nick. Lucky duck!

Tracey said...

isn't the gabba a fab place to shop now! Recently discovered the antiques center, and I do so love your buffet.

Jennie said...

I am loving that sideboard!
What a find, its just gorgeous!

brismod said...

I love your sideboard and your other finds. Just gorgeous.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

this is gorgeous thea. i remember last week and i can't choose between the two.

My Flea Market Find

collecting feathers said...

I love the Rodriguz, very nice, I shall keep an eye out for them. There was a buffet like yours at our local tip shop on Friday. Tip top condition apart from a 5 x 3 cm chunk from the veneer on the back. They wanted 20 bucks! I nearly wept. I have nowhere to put another buffet! I wish I could collect them like I collect my bits and bobs.xxNick

Thea said...

Ooh, it's unbelievable what people throw out. I'm sure a lot of these dealers rescue them to make a healthy profit.

Bayside Moments said...

Love your finds and your fabulous textiles. I am now another follower. I look forward to your next post.

sue said...

Great graphic on the tea towel - thanks for the info re its production too. The buffet looks great - like it was built for that space! The little owl is a HOOT! (sorry - couldn't help myself!)

Posie Patchwork said...

Quite a score & will suit your decor, well done, lucky girl. Love Posie

julie said...

Great sideboard Thea, I love all the stores at Woolloongabba.

Tania said...

Fabulous sideboard Mrs. I think I'd be pulling up a chair in order to best sit and gaze!

moose and bird said...

Wonderful treasures! I love your wide eyed owl, I have quite an owl collection myself. And the teak sideboard is gorgeous. My Grandma actually has a very similar one in her back shed which I have often thought of claiming. Happy Monday! xo

Jil Casey said...

Great screen print - showed it on my blog,
Full credit is given to you with a link back

Great blog!

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