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Friday, 28 May 2010

Friday Follower - Debbie

Friday Follower is back!

This week, we have a treat for quilters and for those who want to screen-print at home as Debbie Fowkes does a little of both.

Some of you may remember Debbie for her adorable cars that she screen-printed in one of our previous classes here. That design has evolved into the quilting blocks used in this adorable quilt.

Debbie has found a niche in the market for children's quilting blocks, particularly for boys. This is screen-printed using a simple stencilling technique.
But that's not all as Debbie also dabbles in fabric dyeing. With the technique she uses, the results are always one-of-a-kind creations. Let's find out more about Debbie.

1. What is "Jump Creations"?
Jump Creations is a result of a passion for quilting that started about 5 years ago and a lack of boy-related material.

2. It's a great idea to screen-print quilting blocks. What inspired you to do them?

Because I have a back problem but loved appliqué, I thought there had to be an easy way to skip the appliqué or reduce it and move on to the embellishing which I consider the fun part. After doing your class I knew I had the answer.

3. What dyeing methods do you use for your fabrics?
I have designed my own method and use salt to get the beautiful variations in color. You never know what you are going to end up with. Other fabric is brushed and then dye flicked on it. I have a range of "implements" that I have been collecting to try in the near future. Sometimes the material you thought was a big mistake takes on a whole new look when you cut it and then you can pretend that it was meant to be that way! I love experimenting looking for new ways to get a unique pattern on material.

4. Are your designs available for purchase?
Yes, my designs are for sale. The quilting blocks are 8" square. I can be contacted either by email: dfowkes[at]powerup[dot]com[dot]au or call 0407 88 0405.

5. Your craft isn't your full-time occupation so what is your day job? I work as a Book Keeper/Office Manager in a Truck Smash Repair business.

6. Is there anything interesting about you that isn't common knowledge? I was sewing before I went to school (remember the old treadle sewing machine) my mother is a good sewer & my grandmother a seamstress so between the three of us we have had a go at almost everything. While my grandmother is no longer alive it has been wonderful having that expanse of experience to pick their brains over the years of different ways to try and do things. Two very special women in my life.

Thanks Debbie. It's always interesting to know what people do after the screen-printing classes. You can visit Debbie's new blog here.

Check our website for upcoming screen-printing classes.


Tamara said...

WOW!!! What a lovely idea! Love It!!

Posie Patchwork said...

Great to have your blog posts back. Lovely interview, wonderful work there. Must get some of your peacock print too, love it!! Love Posie

Michelle @ Divine Finds (Australia) said...

Hi Thea and Sami, I just blogged your store and blog...michelle - Divine Finds Australia

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