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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Flea Market Finds - Romantic

Have you enjoyed your weekend? I didn't do much today as I was exhausted. I even slept in (past 9.00 am) which is very unusual for me. However, I do have some lovely romantic finds to share with you, gathered over the last few weeks.

I love the colours of this floral tapestry so much that it's the starting point for decorating my new bedroom. It was bought from The Good Vintage on Etsy.

Closer to home, I found this amazing violin case.

coupaged with sheet music and folk-painted with these gorgeous flowers, who could resist such an original work of art? Circa 1920, it was very reasonably priced at the New Farm Antiques Centre.

Remember those vintage frames I found in Bangalow? Well, of course I haven't had time to paint them but I did find a couple more that were at Blake & Taylor.

I wish I had bought them all as the price had been drastically reduced and I think they are perfect for framing our hand-printed linens.

Not at such a thrifty price but as part of the Romantic theme, I do need to include the coffee table I bought this week. To see what other lovely people have found, head over to Her Library Adventures: Flea Market Finds.


♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

i like the gobelin, itchy hands, because we like to cut them up to make them into smaller patchwork items... but i'm sure it'll look wonderful for it original purpose! and the violin case is amazing.

Nick said...

I love the tapestry as well, I collect them too, with the intention of cutting them up, but some are just too kitschy and nice. Imagine all the hours put into them.
Your prints look great in the frames. I love that peacock print, it has been on my mind for the lst couple of days.

Susan L (lily40au) said...

your house is really coming together so well.
My Flea Market Find

Kristopher K Design said...

Lovely flea market finds ... and I agree your linens look wonderful framed too :) Cheers, Kris

Catherine Shields said...

Hi Thea,
love the lilac tapestry. Finding something that inspires a room is a find indeed.

Bayside Moments said...

Love your finds. Your fabric looks amazing in the frame.

Randiga Tråden said...


insect repellent said...

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Cornflake said...

Oh I love rummaging around flea markets! Great finds! :-)

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