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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Floral Lamp and Wooden Base

Do you remember the custom-made lampshade we made recently from our sweet Marguerite printed hemp/organic cotton? Well, here it is in it's new home.

Margaret, the lovely owner, was kind enough to email me this photo of the lamp shade with the lamp base that her husband made.

Here are her words:
"The story of the lamp base is that my husband is a cabinetmaker (was a cabinetmaking teacher) and ages ago he made this base, from Tasmanian Blackwood. A friend, who was a home decorator, made him the original shade for it but over the years and a couple of moves, the shade disappeared. While unpacking in our new home, I rediscovered it and thought I would purchase another shade. That was not an easy task as all the commercial shades were not suitable in size or shape.

Then my daughter suggested I look on the internet and hey presto your page came up and I fell in love with the sample on the page in the exact material I had in my mind. Thank you Thea. It looks great in our lounge room with our new lounge"

I'm happy to say that our custom-made lampshade put an end to Margaret's 6 month search. Please contact us if you would like any of our fabrics in any lampshade size.

What are you doing today? I'm off to teach a screen-printing class. Photos to follow.


Sandrine said...

The lamp is divine!Looking forward to see your collection and enjoy the class!xx

My Passport to Style said...

This is absolutely stunning!Have a lovely day my stylish friend. Sharon xx

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