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Friday, 17 September 2010

Friday Follower - Sandrine

I am so happy to present this week's Friday Follower to you. Sandrine Marsh is a special lady who I also have the pleasure of knowing outside the virtual world. She is French but now lives at the Sunshine Coast with her young family. She is oh-so-stylish and this is reflected in her creations so do read on to get to know her better.

What do you make?
I design and make unique accessories from felted scarves, hats, brooches, wraps in the cooler months to hats and head pieces in the warmer times. I also work on commission creating with customers. I have also just released a new range of casual sun hats with a Sandrine twist (see top image) which is very exciting!

How did you start your crafting business?
I always had a fascination for Millinery. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to study Millinery with some brilliant Milliners and I came back from that experience ready to experiment and develop my own style. My path crossed with some more brilliant people and I learnt to make my own felt. The idea behind that was that I really wanted to make the hat from scratch, starting from the fibre.

This was the start of my journey into felting and exploring the possibilities this art can offer.
I guess the need to create/make has not stop to grow since and as I started looking for an outlet with a local market. The response was so great that it gave me the courage to keep creating and developing that creativity into a business shape.

Is this a full-time occupation for you?
The opportunity to develop my creative side came when it was time for me to dedicate more time to my children and family. So my time feels more than full but I need to wear lots of hats :) As my girls are growing up, I have more and more time to concentrate on myself and my plans which is really exciting.

What inspires you?
The list can be very long...
Nature, I think I draw a lot from it. I also need nature and lots of light to feel my happiest. Colours, art, clothes, fabrics, people, emotions, music, cultures, travel, books, blogs, the sunshine.

Often people say that my work is "very French, sometimes a little quirky", so I guess that my cultural background and the places that I have visited and lived have left some great memories. I now realise it is often perceived in my work.

Where can we purchase your work?
You can find some of my range in my Etsy Store and at markets around Brisbane and in particular the BrisStyle Indie Designers Markets. Also at a lovely boutique called Soul Fire in Montville, Sunshine Coast (near the clock shop).

Do share something interesting about you.
Hmmm.... Things about me to share (in random order):

  • I was born and grew up in Marseille and Avignon (France)
  • I worked and lived 5 years as an expatriate in West Africa where I met my hubby
  • I have a scientific background and also worked in Cancer Research for a little while
  • I LOVE dark chocolate with almond I am a bit of a nutrition, health and fitness junky
  • I have an earring impairment that taught me to lip read
  • I lived for 8 years in Western Australia before coming to the Sunshine Coast.
Impressive. I am certain that you were the most stylish of all research scientists, Sandrine! I can personally recommend Sandrine's commission services, having recently acquired a beautiful, hand-felted wool and lace vest. I'm sorry that I haven't had the chance to photograph it.

has generously offered my blog readers free shipping when purchasing any item through her
Etsy store. Simply mention "Thea" in the note to seller when paying. This offer is only valid until Monday, September 20th.

Thank you Sandrine for you time and generosity! You may also visit and say hello to Sandrine over at her blog histoire de soie.

All images are courtesy of Sandrine Marsh.


Sandrine said...

Thank you so much Thea for this little interview on your fabulous blog.I wish you a great weekend! Sandrine x

Posie Patchwork said...

Yippee, another science geek getting creative, yahoo, love Posie

flowerpress said...

Lovely to know more about Sandrine :-)

Anonymous said...

oh I do love Sandrine's creations and it's been wonderful to read about her thank you

mondo cherry said...

Sandrine's hats, wraps etc are almost as gorgeous as she is. I can't believe this winter slipped by without me purchasing one of her lovely felt hats. I must have a look at her new range.
Clare x

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Wonderful interview! I've been following Sandrine's blog for quite some time and I absolutely love her work. It's so unique and special. it was great learning more about her and her work. She's such a nice person and also so talented!

Sandrine said...

I must thanks also everyone for their comments and Oh so kind words!
Thanks again Thea xx

Creative Arty Facts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Creative Arty Facts said...

***** must learn to check spelling first!
Yay for Sandrine! I just love the lady and her work!

Allison said...

Such lovely work! It's funny isn't it how science types find their create niche in the arts too. Science and art are both such creative pursuits that it actually makes perfect sense in a way! Lovely interview.
PS Thea your soap went down a treat! - I knew it would xx

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