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Friday, 15 October 2010

Friday Follower - Sonya

I had the pleasure of meeting Sonya Marish, this week's Friday Follower, earlier this year when we both attended Shannon Fricke's decorating workshop. Sonya's unique business Jatana Interiors specialises in sourcing salvaged antique tiles. I will let her tell us more.

What is Jatana Interiors?
Jatana Interiors specialises in antique and reproduction decorative tiles from all corners of the world. I have always loved something a little bit different, unique, exotic, rustic, interesting and hard to find. My days are spent sourcing unique tile designs to create unique interiors. Tiles that make a statement and make a space memorable.

How did the business start?
I initially started the business when I was in the midst of renovating my own home. I began my search for gorgeous bathroom tiles to find that I was after something a little more unique, a little more colourful, memorable and exotic than what is available on the market. My search seemed to never end. Not to say, there is not a lot of variety out there but I just wanted something different and was unable to put my finger on it.

Eventually, I realised what I was looking for and it was from that moment I began sourcing, collecting, designing and trading in antique and reproduction floor and wall tiles. Jatana Interiors was then established.

Did you have any prior experience with tiles?
No, not really. I spent many years sourcing gorgeous fabrics on my travels and selling at the local markets. I would admire the tiles in all the exotic countries I travelled, however, being fragile and heavy, only a few made it back home.

I have studied interior design which briefly covered floor coverings and am currently studying colour and design, however I would say my love of and an eye for intricately designed fabrics has been my training. To answer your question, no but I am learning!!!!

Do you look for particular tiles to salvage or is it dependent on what's available?
Yes, I definitely look for particular tiles. In fact,I am VERY fussy. In fact, every design and colour has to pass the test. I cannot sell a tile that I do not absolutely love myself. Of course, it is dependent on what's available. However, I try to make sure that I have a wide range of colours and designs to suit differing tastes and styles.

When I am sourcing, I am always thinking in the back of my mind where that tile will best suited. I imagine the design and the colours in different environments and decide whether or not I think it will work. As I said, I have to love it.

Tell us more about the Reproduction Tiles.
The Reproduction Tiles are a great alternative for those who want an antique looking tile. For those who love the old world look but would prefer a new tile, the reproduction tiles are perfect. As they can be produced in a wide range of colours they can be made to work into an existing space or alternatively a space can be designed around colour scheme in your tiles.

The Reproduction Antique Range are a more affordable option and the perfect compromise for those who want an antique tile without the price tag. Often for large spaces,it is difficult to find quantities in antique tiles so reproduction tiles then become first choice.They have been reproduced so well and have really captured the look and the feel of an antique tile. I call them space enhancers.

Where can we buy your range?
My range is displayed at and tiles can be ordered and delivered anywhere in Australia. If I do not have your chosen design in stock there is an 8 week lead time for production. I have a showroom in Federal, New South Wales where my stock can be viewed and a few local shops in the Byron Shire that stock samples.

Is there anything interesting about you that you would like to share?
Um.. I studied Flamenco dancing for many years which involved performing on stage (totally terrifying). Every week our troupe would gather and rehearse in all our flamenco regalia -stomping our feet and clashing our castanets. With our decorative scarves and full skirts,guitarists and singers we were in another world. My fear of performing eventually caught up with me and I have moved away from Flamenco and taken up Zumba; a light and very amusing relief.

Thanks Sonya for sharing. That's amazing. Sonya also writes a blog. Look out for a tour of Sonya's home in the next issue of Inside Out magazine.

Images are courtesy of Sonya Marish. From top to bottom:
1. Tile Montage
2. Belgian Floral Antique Tile
3. Black Diamond Antique Tile
4. Red Clover Antique Tile
5. Mandala Reproduction Tile
6. Spanish Flower tile splashback at Earth House, Clune.


Sammy said...

Lovely post. Beautiful designs.


-Samya :-)

Posie Patchwork said...

Love her patterns & the way they translate onto tiles, wow, fabulous style. Love Posie

sophie munns said...

Wonderful to see what's happening over your way Thea.... good to read your newsletter and hear you're expanding.
It was lovely to read about Sonya's work ....great post...thanks!


Great article and amazing tiles. Thanks for letting us know about Sonya's work. Have a great weekend, Lisa

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