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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Melbourne Ceramics and Cool Shop

I came back yesterday from a wonderful weekend in Melbourne but unfortunately am now battling a head cold. But I have been dying to share these wonderful images of Shelley Panton with you, my newly favourite Melbourne shop.

Shelley Panton is also the name of the talented ceramic artist who owns the store. Besides being an outlet for her hand-made stoneware, the space has a beautiful selection of natural homewares and furniture made by local artisans. I feel privileged to be included among such talent as you will now find a selection of Thea & Sami hand-printed tea towels and organic cushions here.

My daughter and I spend over an hour in here and Shelley was so generous with her time. Thanks Shelley!

Unfortunately, she was too busy on Saturday to give us a demo on the potter's wheel situated in the shop but if you're lucky, you can catch her at work. You will be pleased to know that Shelley takes custom orders.

We did witness Shelley sign one of her dishes that was waiting to be sent to the off-premises kiln for firing. The log book you see in the 2nd image is a more accurate record-keeping system than mine.

I adore the organic nature of these small dishes and had to buy them for myself. I think they will be a lovely way to serve natural sea-salt and herbs on the table, Mediterranean-style.

Shelley's friendly shop assistant Jessie will greet you when you visit.

Bountiful eye candy.

A spinning wheel is part of the decor.

Silver birch votive candle holders - each one is unique.

Hanging lights made from bent branches.

There is something to delight all ages.

Hopefully when you visit, there may be Thea & Sami tea-towels in the window :)

I suppose you want to know where this gem is? Visit Shelley Panton at 88 Park Road, Middle Park. You can find out more about Shelley over at her website.

I would also like to announce another of our new retailers located in the Blue Mountains. Zuri Homewares specialises in eco-friendly products. Unfortunately, I don't have any images to share with you but you will find them at 67 Katoomba Street, Katoomba NSW. More information on the Zuri website.

Do support small and independent businesses and let me know if you visit.

Today is the last day to enter my blog giveaway.


Anna Bartlett said...

Love those little bowls Thea. Looks like an amazing shop. Will definately add it to the list for future Melbourne trips!

Mystica said...

Looks a wonderful shop to browse and then buy!

Davia said...

Glad to see that you did find a little patch of sunshine, in what was mostly a wet weekend. And that your trip to melbourne was more plesant this time around. :) Davia

theoldboathouse said...

This store looks wonderful and how lucky to have a weekend in beautiful Melbourne. I love those candle holders!! thea and sami range of goodies is a perfect compliment to this store and I am sure will be recieved really well by her customers, cheers Katherine

Allison said...

What a lovely shop - I shall have to pay a visit!

chris hobel said...

good to see aussie hand made pottery making a come back

Anonymous said...

Yum! What a great find Thea! Wonderful store and Your products suit it perfectly - will have to visit the next time I'm down that way as it is in the same suburb as one of my favourite bookshops xx

Noosa Beach House said...

Oh I do like those candle holders, what a gorgeous shop, the bowls are lovely too! Have a great day x

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