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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Pompom Rouge - Townsville

Pompom Rouge - I just love saying that! It's the name of a lovely craft studio and shop in Townsville, North Queensland where you can now purchase Thea & Sami's hand-printed hemp/organic cotton fabrics.

Owner Kirsty Duncan just celebrated Pompom Rouge's first birthday last month. I hope that it's the first of many, many more!

You may be interested to know that Pom Pom Rouge hosts regular quilting and craft classes. Visit the blog or facebook for more information and updates.

The store is located at 605 Flinders Street West, Townsville.

Thea & Sami hemp+organic cotton goodness.

Photos are courtesy of Pompom Rouge except for bottom fabric image taken by me (Thea).


Raine and Sage said...

What a great name, and love the shop's aesthetic, with so much fabric and beautiful wallpaper and displays. I want to go there!


Hi Thea how are yo? It's been a while as I have been a bit busy here with completing work so that I can finish next week! Back on track now :) Lovely store... I go up to Townsville quite a bit with my husband when he is diving, so next time we are up there I will pop in :) It's really nice to know of these beautiful stores that you feature.
Have a great weekend, Lisa

theoldboathouse said...

Hi Thea, Looks wonderful and the name of the shop is so fun! Your fabric looks devine all stacked like that, cheers Katherine

Janet K @ Manly Gallery said...

and what a lovely shot the last one is! your display looks amazing, love the shop in Townsville..

Thea said...

HI Janet, the last photo was actually taken in my own studio.

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