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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Zoe's Update

Oh, the humility! Is this somebody's idea of a joke?

I'm not that kind of girl so why am I dressed like this just to have my stitches removed? Okay, so I've bitten the odd vet or two but what would you do if they kept probing and hurting you?

Thank you Thea for allowing me to look like my normal, beautiful self again.

And thank you to all who asked! I am doing well after my recent surgery. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Zoe x


gaby@stilelemente said...

She's beautiful. I LOVE animals and pets in particular as you really get to see their gorgeous personalities. I love when pets are treated like part of the family and given the respect, security and love they deserve :) Thanks for your comment on my notebooks by the way, I tried to email but it bounced back 3 times...

Posie Patchwork said...

Ok, i'll give you a little hello but i'm a big dog lover!! The muzzle was a bit much, surely they make cute plastic pink ones for pretty little girls??
Oh your fabrics went nuts at the market yesterday, congratulations!! Handmade Canberra LOVES Thea&Sami. Love Posie

Raine and Sage said...

Glad all is well with Zoe, and she's back to her fashionable self. :)

Charlotta Ward said...

Aaaawww.. those eyes!
Poor poppet.. Glad things are better.

x Charlotta

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I'm so glad she is all well! And she looks marvelous!

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