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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Battery Recharge

Sorry for my absence. I've had an exhausting and boring week, mainly with packing up our little studio that will be relocated to its new home tomorrow. This weekend I should have been catching up with housework but I've simply had no energy after this last hectic and emotional month.

We decided that today was just too beautiful a day to waste indoors so the man and I drove to the Gold Coast and spent most of the day at Burleigh Heads (pictured) and it was wonderful. I hadn't been to the beach all summer and I had forgotten how much I love swimming in the ocean, lying in the sun and relaxing to the sounds of waves. Bliss.

Now my batteries are recharged and with the boys working on the move tomorrow, I can finally concentrate on finalising wholesale orders over the next week with new and old friends. I can't wait to share news of new stockists in the near future with you.

I hope that you have been enjoying our lovely weather too! x


Samantha said...

What a lovely day, good luck with your move.

Anna Bartlett said...

We were all struck down with gastro this weekend, and the fact that summer weather had finally arrived made it even worse (altho it's good for weight watchers tomorrow night!).
So glad you were able to spend the day at the beach. I'm incredibly jealous, but you really do deserve it. Good on you.

Jenny said...

You need to recharge every now and then, glad you had such a nice day. ;-)

julie said...

Good luck with the studio move. Love Burleigh, it's my favourite beach on the coast.

Beach said...

And what a beautiful spot that is.

Sophie Munns said...

What a good idea Thea... nothing like the sensual pleasures and simplicity of the beach to bring back some relaxation!
Have been thinking of the very same trip to somewhere to swim n the waves myself! Missed that this summer!
Best wishes with all your moving and plans!

Karen said...

Now I'm glad I didn't go to the beach, that would have been too 'stalkerish' even for me *smile* Glad you had a lovely day, there is something so special about the sea.
Hope the move is not too stressful

Alice said...

Enjoying a lovely weather and getting charged yourself,so good luck with your next session of work in near future.

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