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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sneak Peek and a Surprise

Our lovely retailers have been asking for linen napkins so we have sourced the perfect napkin from our European supplier and screen-printed these samples yesterday.

These babies are coming to Life Instyle with me but do let me know if you are interested in napkins. I'm thinking of selling these in sets of 4; that's practical, right?

And look what I found when I came home. My man back at his desk doing what he loves most - phone calls! Did you notice that he is still wearing his hospital i.d. bracelet?

Zoe and I are so glad that he's back. He was in hospital for 3 weeks. He now has to help organise the new studio relocation and finish having the skylights installed, etc. I have been so stressed about it. We will have to bite the bullet upon my return from Sydney and take apart the printing table and then put it back together. This will take a few days.

The table's screen registration bar alone needs several strong men to lift it. Where to find them? All of Voyt's friends seem to be new-age drumming vegetarians - not exactly buffed up.

However, my problems seem so minor when I think about how terrifying that monster Cyclone Yasi coming to North Queensland is. I sincerely hope that everybody is safely out of harm's way. My prayers are with you all.


zazá lee said...

Tudo o que eu gostaria de saber é se você entende o que escrevo aqui...


Felicity said...

Such a lovely surprise, it must be wonderful to have Voyt home, I hope his leg is healing well.

Felicity x

Allison said...

So happy Voyt is back home again Thea. It must be such a relief for you. That printing table of yours sounds monstrous! Oh but once you're all moved in to that fab studio it will be all worth it.
I'm starting to really worry for those up north in the path of cyclone Yasi. A cat 5 storm is huge and I'm just hoping and praying that everyone will be okay.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

The napkins look great and I'm so glad that Voyt is home again and back on deck.

I'm really worried about those up north as well. My brother and his family have sandbagged and secured as much as they can and have now evacuated, but not so sure they'll have a house to come home to in a few days time.

Miss Milla's said...

The napkins are beautiful.
And glad to hear that your hubby is home!!

theoldboathouse said...

So nice to see a return to using cloth napkins. Paper ones may be easy but not nearly as lovely. Good to see Voyt on the mend he must be so glad to be home, cheers Katherine

julie said...

Voyt's home, yay! Must be such a relief. We have many strong men on staff so let us know if you need any help in that department.

I'm so terrified for North Qld. I've been crying this morning watching the news. It is not going to be good when we wake up tomorrow. Luckily all our cousins moved back from Cairns and Townsville to Mackay in the last few years. Although there is chance of flooding in Mackay as a result.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Did your husband escape from the hospital?! hehe
Glad to see he is back home and better.

Wow, you are such a busy lady. How do you do it all? I want your energy. I only worked about 4 hours in the studio today and feel like a slug compared to you!

Those napkins are beautiful. :)

Claudia Lane said...

Hi Thea, I love the linen napkins, they're beautiful.
Glad you're all home together, finally. Take care :))

Davia said...

Great to see everything getting back on track for you. Wishing you lots of luck at Life in Style SYDNEY this year. You napkins look lovely.

Bayside Rose said...

The napkins are gorgeous Thea. i love them. Glad to see Voyt is back to work even with his ID bracelet on!

My thoughts are up North as well. Cor Blimey!

Pam x

Tracey said...

How wonderful to have Voyt home and working too! :)

Yes, I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for everyone in the north to stay safe ... it's so worrying.

Natasha said...

That is great to see. Being at home is the best place I am sure!

It looks like the cyclone was not as awful as they predicted but the pictures of the devastation it has left behind are heart-breaking. I am beginning to wish it was winter!

Take care and best wishes always,

Bec said...

Love the napkins especially the cross stitch design.
It must have been a crazy year for you in 2010, so glad to see that Voyt is home, hope 2011 brings great things and good health xx

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