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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Merci Beaucoup

I've had a restful break this weekend, just taking it easy with family. It has really helped clear my head in preparation to facing the challenges of the upcoming week. Being grateful for what we have is definitely the key to a happier life and I'm grateful for a supportive blogging community and your thoughtful comments to my previous post.

Recently, I purchased this lovely "Margaret Vintage Paris Stamp Set" from Tres Divin, one of my fellow exhibitors at Life Instyle. I can't wait to use these for sending thank you notes to customers and special friends.

How sweet is the postmark?

Speaking of saying merci, I would like to thank a couple of fellow bloggers.

First of all - thanks to Kylie of Flying Ducks for these tickets to the French film "Certified Copy". We haven't been yet but hope to get to a session this week. We are also looking forward to seeing the lastest and best of French Cinema this month at the annual French Film Festival. To see when it's on in your city, visit the official website.

Another merci beaucoup to Lisa of The Red Thread for featuring our French Stripes tea-towels on her blog here.

Once we do have the new studio set up, we are planning exciting new things including opening a studio store to the public, reintroducing our t-shirt printing classes and much more. Now please stop raining so that our roof can be fixed!


Paper Tree Studio said...

What lovely stamps - can't wait to see what you do with them. Michelle
p.s. am having a little giveaway on my blog pop over if you have time.

Kasik said...

Thea! These stamps are to die for! I've been wanting such for ages. Finally thought I found them, bought them from a fellow crafty, but unfortunately the photos weren't clear, and when the stamps arrived the writing was half chinese half jibberjabber :( lucky girl! Cant wait to see how u'll use them!
Keeping fingers crossed for no rain! I think you guys had enough rain now!
Hope everyone's well!
Xxx kasia

Tina said...

Hi Thea, I have just caught up on your previous post! I am sorry that you have had such a crumby end to last week:( Hope it has stopped raining and that your roof is well on the way to being repaired!! On a brighter note, I love your stamp beautiful!! Wishing you a very happy and wonderful week ahead ~ Tina x

Sandrine said...

Bonjour Thea, I hope your world gets a little brighter very soon.I love Juliette binoche...time to go and get some moi time! :)
Take care xo

Raine and Sage said...

Adorable stamps Thea, so much character! Thankyou notes seem to be such a thing of the past, indeed thankyou in general, so lovely to see your a grateful individual keeping the tradition alive!
I'm very sorry to hear about your leaking roof. Talk about STRESS!! Hope the roof is remedied quickly and that you had a nice weekend with your daughter. xx

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