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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Studio Update

Today was the first day we screen-printed in our new studio and I couldn't be happier.

This is our Iron Flowers print on Duck Egg Blue linen. It will be magically transformed into tablecloths, table runners and cushions and once we catch up with orders, curtains for my lounge room.

Only one printing table is currently set up as we are still waiting for the top of the 2nd table to be completed but that's okay. At least we are back in business and ready for the lovely ladies participating in my screen-printing class this weekend. And no more leaks!

The new fans are amazing. Fabric was dried in no time. I don't think we have ever printed yardage so quickly. Things will speed up even more once we can continue screen printing onto Table No. 2.

God bless the Queensland sunshine. Honestly, it only took a couple of minutes for this large screen to dry on each side. I do towel-dry it after washing but still - it was fast!

Once we finish setting up, I really want to have an official Studio Opening. Would you like to come along? Let me know if you think a week day is preferable or a weekend?


yardage girl said...

Oh Thea, you studio looks amazing - lucky you! If you had the studio-warming on a weekend, I might just come! Nic

Trish @ A dream house for Trish said...

Congratulations Thea, its good to see all that hard work has delivered the exact reward you where hoping for, your beautiful fabrics will be flying out of your studio now!!!

Karen said...

How exciting for you Thea and the bestest news after your little horribest run (weathergirl's slang for good after terrible), if you have a studio warming party on a weekend I would love to come by and say hi.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh happy printing in that new loooong studio!! Love Posie

Hot Fudge said...

You must feel so happy in your new studio - it looks blissful. Oh, and I love your Iron Flowers in Duck Egg Blue. Wishing you every success.

Anna Bartlett said...

Great studio Thea. I'm sure plenty of alchemy will go on there. Great fans too! I vote for a weekend, even though the rugby season starts in two weeks!!! :(

Jess said...

Oh how I wish I had a beautifully big studio to work in... love your new setup!

Ruby and Belle said...

The Studio is looking great.
Yes count me in, have been looking for an excuse to come and say hi.

julie said...

Yay! Yes to the studio opening too. Sooo the printing went well?

lotfive said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Claudia Lane said...

Oh I love that print on duck egg divine...and the place looks amazing too Thea.
I'd love to come but it's a bit far for me...Hopefully I'll be able to get away sometime :))
Wish you all the best xo

Sarah Woods said...

Hi Thea! Congratulations on the new studio, and thanks for the follow on my blog. Sorry took so long to thank you, just working out all this blobby stuff! I would love to do a class.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great setup! Love those fans.

Tracey said...

Happy days indeed to see screen-printing happening in the new studio! :)

I hope to be able to make it along to your official opening ... :)

Weekends may see you get more people along, but I suppose weekdays are more common for special event 'openings'.

Kristine said...

Congratulations on the move to the new studio. I'll come to your open day if it's on a weekend

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