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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Creative Spaces for Hire

Creative types looking for a space to work in are going to love this!

River Studios, West Melbourne

Creative Spaces is a website designed to help you find a suitable and affordable space to develop, exhibit or perform your work.

Veronica Textiles - Cheltenham

The site originally listed spaces only in Victoria (and you guys have a lot) but has now expanded to include other states.

Thea & Sami Studio - Capalaba

I have listed our studio on the website for weekend hire. If you have a space available, the site is a great resource you can use for free. Thanks to Aneke McCulloch for providing this service.


Mimi said...

What a great service, I never new it existed. Enjoy your day! Mimi xx

Leonie said...

I'm in River Studios. Its a fabulous place to be.

Claudia Lane said...

this is such a great idea! Thanks Thea!
Hope you are having a good day

Bigprint Little said...

What a great idea to hire out the studio on weekends when you're not using it. It's all looking fabulous by the way - the new print space, the store, I may just have another excuse to visit all the Qld relies later this year :)
I'd love to catch up in Melbourne Thea. Will email you when I'm a little more organised.
Alli xx

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