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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Painted Furniture

I just love seeing furniture transformations so I hope you like my simple makeovers.

I bought this old, cheap but solid wooden table from my local Op Shop recently and knew that it would be perfect for our studio shop. It was covered in inks, glitter, glue and goodness knows what else but it's amazing what a little sanding and paint can do.

I didn't even bother buying new paint as I found some under the studio sink. It's the perfect shade of white - Dulux Berkshire White.

Notice that the studio floor also looks better after painting with paving paint; such an easy and cheap solution. The studio expansion has cost me plenty so I need to save wherever possible.

The finish on the table is quite matt so I think it will mark easily. I'm thinking of painting just the top with varnish for protection and easy-cleaning. Is that a good idea? I really want to hear from people who have more experience than I do with painting furniture.

My other Cinderella is this small round table found in the same Op Shop (Footprints) in Capalaba.

It really looked like it had had a hard life with ugly stains and even the sticker had to be sanded off (why can't they just tie on the price tags?)

I wanted to get away from white so thought a light blue colour would be nice and unbelievably found the perfect colour on the bargain table at Bunnings. Again, I think I should finish with varnish for protection. Let me know if you have found that it makes a difference?

Now with all the white furniture surrounding my old fabric shelves, I am really tempted to paint them white too. The problem is that I would need to use special paint for laminate which sounds like a hassle but will probably be worth it once it's done. I found some information here but will keep you posted on my progress.


Anonymous said...

Terrific job Thea! The tables look great. When I do my indoor furniture I usually always use enamel as it protects it from marks and scratches. And if you do get marks on it they can be cleaned off. You just pick out your colour and tell the guys at the paint shop that you want it in an enamel. However, it is a little messier as it is oil based so remember to put your brush straight into a jar filled with Turpentine to stop it from getting ruined. But since you have already painted in an acrylic, you can buy a clear varnish from the paint shop or you can go to Spotlight and get a Krylon Clear Varnish spray. These come in both gloss and satin (satin isn't as shiny - and I quite like the look). Just give it a few sprays over and it'll come up beautifully. Whatever you choose, it is definitely a good idea to varnish it as it will protect your table, especially in your busy workshop!
Megs x

Thea said...

Hi Megs, I always love your projects so really appreciate the tips. I definitely like the idea of using a spray varnish and prefer satin too. I usually do choose water-based products but will see what's available in varnishes.

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Where do you find time for all your amazing projects! There must be more hours in a day over in Australia. LOL!

Your table projects came out fantastic. I will never look at a old table the same way. Your transformations are amazing.

I am really happy for you Thea. Your studio space looks so beautiful!

Jil Casey said...

The spray varnish is a good idea - easier and quicker than using a brush - plus no brush to clean afterwards

mummymadesigns said...

Hi Thea , im new to your blog but love it have a look at the blog Paint me White. Its an amazing lady on the Gold Coast she has done some fabulous work ...just like you !

A Christy Production said...

I love the Op Shops in Capalaba. Footprints is amazing! I always clear our their doily collection. Do you frequent all 5 in the area?

Thea said...

I do follow Sandy's blog, "Paint Me White", it's in my side links and she certainly is inspirational. And Christy, I rarely have time to go Op Shopping; I usually pop into that Footprints when I want something in particular, and on that day I found the perfect table for our shop front.

Bayside Rose said...

Loving your makeovers Thea. Your shop looks fantastic.
Pam x

Kate Ward said...

just read your latest newsletter and I wanted to pass on my congratulations on the move, expansion and new shop! the photos look amazing :)

Hope you recharged the batteries in Noosa - from the sounds of all your projects you definitely needed some 'me' time


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