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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A Little Bit of Linen

I just love seeing what you creative types do with our fabrics. Here are some of the some of my favourites.

Missy Mao Mao bags are fabulous and each of these feature a Thea & Sami Butterfly linen napkin with leather trim.

Clever use of a napkin, don't you think?

Plushka always crafts the most exquisite small pieces using crochet, cross-stitching or simple hand-stitching. This hessian basket features just a little piece of our Hydrangea printed natural flax. See this and other creations at Plushka's Made-It shop.

If you have made anything from our fabric and would like to share, let me know.


plushka said...

It was so enjoyable to work with your linen! Thank you so much for the mention and I am looking forward making more things from your fabrics in the future:)

Exquisite Accessories said...

wow the bags are just stunning!! :)

Stephanie and Carlos said...

Oh the bag is perfect... I can not see a napkin anywhere!!

xo Steph

Missymaomao said...

Thank you for featuring the bags Thea. I loved making them. I am so proud to tell people that the fabrics are all hand printed and designed here in Australia.
Plushka makes great use of your fabric too, I just love it.

Felicity said...

Oh Thea, I love the Missy Mao Mao satchel most of all - I'm sure you know why.

xx F

Bec said...

what great use of your lovely fabric

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