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Monday, 2 May 2011

Screen-Printing, Lunch & Blog Friendship

Don't you just love meeting your blog friends in real life? I know I do.

Last week, after a year of reciprocal blog reading and emailing each other at crazy hours, I finally met Jennie from Posie Patchwork and was delighted as she is so much fun. It felt like we had always known each other.

In between screen-printing our own fabrics, I gave Jennie a private screen-printing lesson and she came prepared with designs and pyjama tops for each of her 4 children.

I was impressed when Jennie filled a box of fabric remnants to take home after sorting through several boxes. I really appreciated the self-service as this was pre-Lara. See more images from the day over here.

Jennie was thrilled to watch Dan and I yardage print but I was more excited to take a lovely lunch break with my new friend. We ate at Secret Coffee by the water at Raby Bay and it was good.

Am I the only one excited about taking images of food? It was the Morrocan Lamb Salad for Jennie and Whiting and Mango Salad for me. Both are highly recommended by us.

If you don't already know or read Jennie's blog than you must do so. She is a very special and dynamic lady. I love you Posie! x


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

It's really fun meeting a blogging friend for the first time isn't it! I get so nervous beforehand though - it's almost as if I'm going on a blind date :)

yardage girl said...

You're so lucky to meet Ms Posie - I imagine she's exactly like she is in her blog too! Cheers to blog friendships!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I wish that was me sitting there having lunch with you! Glad you had such a lovely day with such a wonderful blog friend!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yay, loved you so much, had a blast!! Thanks so much for your company, teaching skills & boot load of fabric. Until next we screen print, giggle & chow down, good day. Love Posie

Thea said...

Hi Elisa, Your comment is so touching. I promise that anytime you visit down under, I will take you to lunch and give you a screen-printing lesson too. Yes, cheers to blog friendships. x

Exquisite Accessories said...

So glad you had a good lunch with Jennie I had the pleasure in speaking with her on the phone when she was organising getting me the handmade living book and signed too its such a gorgeous book. :)

Tracey said...

Oh it's always lovely meeting blog friends 'in real life' ... it sounds like the two of you had a wonderful time together ... I love those prints! :)

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