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Friday, 15 July 2011

Happy Friday

Happiness is finding a loved item that you thought was lost forever. Today I'm wearing this vintage crocheted scarf that I bought in a op shop in Vancouver a few years ago and I'm not ashamed to say "I love it!"

Its kitschy colours may make some of you cringe but it's a reminder of a lovely trip. Surely you have something less than stylish that makes you happy?

The husband and I are going out to breakfast this morning because I've been working hard this week and we have no milk (I had no time for shopping). Any excuse is a good one. I hope you have a great day!


Naturally Carol said...

I have a feeling purple is making a big move back into fashion, so tucked into a jacket it could look very acceptable. I think my house has all kinds of stuff that is unfashionable, but that's what makes us individual. It's surprising how many things become fashionable after a my mother-in-laws fifties casserole dish with the poinsettia on the side!

Jaz said...

Kitschy cute! :) Happy Friday!

Squeezed Daily said...

I would wear it for sure! You will need it this weekend by the sound of it. wet and cold....yuck.
Sarah said...

no milk.....I will use this one next time Thea. Thanks for the next excuse for breakfast out!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I find the scarf quite cute!

No milk, great excuse! We always have powdered creamer as backup. It would be hard to run out of both.
So I guess we would have to run out of coffee. And that's not too difficult considering how much we drink all day!

Hope you had a wonderful breakfast out. :)

Tiff said...

That scarft is so bright and happy! A great reminder of fun times too! Not to mention cozy looking! X

Tiff said...

Sorry! I CAN spell scarf! X

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