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Saturday, 6 August 2011

A Cinderella Chair Story

I can now share these amazing chair transformations with you.

As expected, the chairs returned looking fabulous after being in the super-capable hands of the talented Flourish & Blume team. The girls chose the fabrics and were given free reign with the design.

Do you remember the sorry state of the chairs before?

I'm blown away by the restoration of the wood, Katie's specialty. I had no idea that this beautiful Tasmanian Blackwood was hiding under the cracked, mouldy layers.

The design of the upholstery and attention to detail is blissful perfection.

The sides of the seats and back have been covered with our "French Stripes" print. All of the fabrics used are a natural flax linen and printed with eco-friendly Permaset Aqua Red ink.

The same striped fabric has been used to make the adorable mini back cushions with feather-filled inserts.

Other fabrics used are our "Dotty about Roses" and "Hydrangea" prints.

I've never been much of a matchy-matchy type of a girl so quite like that the chairs have different fabrics that work well together.

Lovely details include 3 covered buttons across each of the backs.

All inners have been replaced with brand new foam and take a look at the new quilted seat support. Laura has done an amazing job and has been put her fashion training to good use.

Unfortunately, these chairs don't suit my decor so we're offering them for sale. I'm sure you can appreciate the time, workmanship and quality of materials used. To purchase, visit the website here. Pick up from our studio in Capalaba only.

Images are taken by me (Thea Samios).


Lilli boo said...

These chairs are superb, if only we lived locally I'd be down at your studio camping out till the morning!! However a reality check and several thousand kilometres between us, I'll just have to admire them from afar and be inspired to maybe cover a chair or two in my own home, now that would be something!

Jodie said...

but they would be so perfect for shows and design fairs... they are beautiful.

Thea said...

I wish you were closer too Lilli Boo!
I do plan to have chairs covered for any trade fairs but that wouldn't be until next year and there's more babies where these came from.

naughtyshorts! said...

They look fantastic!! I have an amazing mid-century sofa that I found on the side of the road. I have just been on the brink of throwing it out - and this post has reminded me of why I have held on to it for all of these years!!

Calico Child said...

Ooh Thea they look great the colours are so rich looking, well done :) x

Lily said...

Love these chairs. Oh my, why is your shop so far away. I love your things, but the reality - 1/2 around the globe - leaves me to admire from afar. Thanks for your blog!

gaby@stilelemente said...

Chairs look great Thea :) The combination of the warm timber colour with the base-cloth and print colour work really well.

flourish and blume said...

Great photos Thea! It was a real pleasure doing these chairs for you and they look so good in your studio surrounded by your beautiful fabrics. x

Sweet Birdie Blue said...

see now this silent tagging on FB has paid off big time as this is how i came across you!!
We will soon be upholstering some vintage chairs for our Studio & i am eyeing off alot of your fabrics as they will go a treat xo

Raine and Sage said...

A-MAZING!!! What an excellent revamp. How great to see your fabric looking so great on these chairs. Well done!

Tiff said...

Wow! Those chairs look amazing! Gorgeous fabric, and so beautifully done! X

Naturally Carol said...

What a delightful and genius marriage of your fabric and their skill!

Tania said...

You know how I love a good Cinderella chair story. They are all sorts of perfect.

Bayside Rose said...

WOW! Thea these are fabulous. I love the stripes and the timber looks amazing.
Pam x

Nat said...

Those chairs have turned out absolutely beautifully! I grew up with chairs like that in my parents' house but I never appreciated them at the time!!

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