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Thursday, 29 September 2011

French Checks Now Available

I'm addicted to screen-printing checked fabrics. It's been so much fun seeing what works together. We now have a selection of these 2 colour prints available for purchase on our website. We have called them "French Checks".

There is quite a bit of work in doing these prints. The linen fabric has to be printed once with the French Stripes large screen and then the fabric is cut, turned and printed again with the second colour. Thus, the fabric can only be sold as a panel with a maximum printed area of 140 cm (55 inch) square. You may also purchase a 1/4 panel.

I love the detail in this and they way the red ink sits over the creme ink, not covering it completely.

I would love to see what people come up with. At Thea & Sami, we are having tablecloths, cushions and lampshades made so I can't wait to see those finished.

1 comment:

RYLO Interiors said...

Aw Thea! I can't wait to pick up my first order of the french checks!!! So very excited! xx

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