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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Dove Love

Finally! A new Thea & Sami tea-towel design. Dove Love was not originally intended to be a mere tea-towel but I thought it too adorable not to be.

The doves are the work of Marie O'Neill Illustration whom you first met here. So fresh and modern, don't you think? It's a taste of what we have been working on.

Soon to be available, we will be offering a range of linen napkins for weddings and special events with customised screen-printing. I'm too excited not to share at least that much with you.

For now, do consider our pretty Dove linen tea-towels for gifts or for yourself.

I just love pink and aqua for Spring and Summer. Purchase "Dove Love" here.


Tiff said...

How gorgeous! I love the white doves.... Simply Devine! X

Tina said...

Thea, these doves are just too sweet! I love them:) I also love your Tentacality is gorgeous! You have been so busy. I am off to catch up on all I have missed. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead ~ Txx

Unni Strand said...

Lovely design!

Ruby and Belle said...

I love that first one on the linen. Very sweet

Viera said...

They are all gorgeous.

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