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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

White Brisbane

I decided that I needed a white Brisbane City screen-printed art panel for our living room.

Since it's never worth screen-printing just one thing, we printed a whole table of them on natural linen yesterday. I have just started wholesaling these so you may see them popping up in some of our Brisbane stockists or you may purchase on-line.

Also available in black print, these make great Christmas gifts for Brisbanites that live elsewhere or as souveniers. As the canvas frame is not included, they are easy to post and I will be doing a tutorial soon to show you how easy it is to prepare for hanging.


Anna Bartlett said...

Your Story Bridge image on a pink skirt was the first thing I saw of yours and I've always loved it! Glad it's back in white!

naughtyshorts! said...

very nice!!

Tiff said...

That print is just gorgeous! I love the white on natural linen. It would make a great Chrissy gift!

Stylish Settings said...

Love it. Always loved the black one, now I love the white one too.
Cheers Kylie

Calico Child said...

This looks fantastic Thea love it!! :)

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