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Monday, 9 January 2012

Floral Inspiration

In case you've been wondering what I've been up to, I've been drawing floral motifs for new fabric designs. Yes, more flowers because that's what we like and what our lovely customers like.

Lilacs image from here.

I can't show you my work yet but here's a clue. I love lilacs and they come in such pretty shades of pinks & purples as well as white.

Speaking of lilac, Elessa and I screen-printed 10 metres of our Hydrangea print on white linen in this pretty shade for curtains and blinds for our guest room. I don't always have time to print for personal use so took advantage of a quiet week.

I'm now designing with our bedroom in mind. I'm excited that 6 more people will know how to print yardage after our 2-day workshop at the end of the month.

Unfortunately, that class is now fully booked. We may repeat the class again in a few months but no definite plans at this stage. My first priority for this year is to have a team that can print fabrics without me. Then I'll have a real business and time to do so much more. Have a great week!


Ruby and Belle said...

They look lovely Thea.
I am looking forward to finally coming in to see the new studio this year.
I have my little one starting pre prep and will have a whole 5 days a fortnight to myself,

margo said...

love love love Thea, that colour is just fabulous.....

Jenny said...

All the best Thea for 2012. ;-)

Ruby & Rose Interiors said...

Adore the colour Thea! Can't wait to see the room reveal. Mx

Belle Inspirations said...

Just Beautiful have a lovely week xx

le said...

looks lovely ! and great business planning eh ! can't wait to see your inspired work - best le xox

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