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Friday, 24 February 2012

Yellow Makes Me Happy

Where did the week go? It hasn't been a pleasant one so I'll be glad when it's over although I am looking forward to a photoshoot tomorrow with a real photographer!

It will be so nice to have professional product images so look out as we are adding new ceramic products to our table range. I'm very excited about this.

To cheer myself up, I went shopping on Etsy this morning and what could be cheerier than Yellow? I have been growing herbs on my kitchen window sill so this little guy will love his new sunny spot there. Purchased from Fruit Fly Pie.

I love industrial felt so couldn't go resist this phone cover from Ambette.

Also from Ambette (but I didn't buy it) is this original hand-printed felt Macbook cover. Ambette products are made in Australia.

I hope you find something to cheer yourself up too.


the old boathouse said...

Hi Thea you have been on my mind a lot lately, sending you love, glad that you spoilt yourself, you deserve it, xxxx

Tracey said...

I agree - it's been a pretty blah kind of week. Cheering yourself up with shopping and yellow sounds great! Have a great weekend Thea. :)

PS. I love Ambette's products - I have a kindle cover from that store.

Ruby and Belle said...

Love the little piggy.
Hope you are feeling better today
M x

Gild and Grace said...

I'm loving yellow at the moment too Thea! Enjoy the photo shoot and have a lovely weekend :)

Abbey x

ambette said...

Hi Thea,

I'm so glad I could help cheer you up! I really hope things are better for you soon.

I agree about yellow being a happy cheery colour. I recently bought myself a pair of bright yellow thongs, and when I wear them, I call them my happy feet.

Take care xo

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