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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tiffany Inspired Reward

That got your attention didn't it? The key ring was a little gift from Weight Watchers yesterday and my consultant told me it was "Tiffany-inspired". I love that.

I've now achieved 10% goal. That means I've lost 10% of my starting weight. Over 6.7 kg gone to date and I couldn't be happier.

I have found it surprisingly easy to adhere to my new way of eating which is basically opting for natural, non-processed foods. It's also good for the man who is following an anti-cancer diet.

When WW asked me how I would celebrate my 10% goal, I replied that we may go out for dinner. She seriously replied that they encourage non food-related rewards.

Okay, I'll just go shopping then. I have been enjoying buying new (and smaller) clothes recently. How would you reward yourself?


Kate Lewis-Driver said...

congratulations on your achievements! the key ring is cute. i too love anything to do with Tiffany! i think i'd reward myself with shopping too, or maybe a facial or massage :) Kate x

Thea said...

HI Kate, I was thinking about a facial too. I just have to make time for one :)

Louisa said...

well done you! Just such a wonderful achievement, I can only imagine that it is a wonderful milestone, that will encourage you to keep on this great path! Wishing you the very best of luck x

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Congratulations Thea! I knew you would be successful!

Even though you would never believe it if you saw me, I have a little obsession with makeup. I do not wear a lot of it but I love perusing all the different colors/shades and imagine them applied. So I would reward myself to a new lip tint and blush. :)

Tiff said...

Good on you! I thought you looked great when I saw you! I would celebrate with dinner AND shopping! X

Cat Drawings said...

Well done, Thea. I hope you enjoy your reward.

Thea said...

Thanks ladies, I appreciate your kind words. x

Calico Child said...

Whoop Whoo thea good for you ooh could you just go out & have a nice cesar salad just to celebrate :))
cute key ring.

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