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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Floral Images Gift Wrap

I'm not a big fan of the tacky Christmas wrap paper sold in the supermarkets

so I thought I would put some of my favourite magazine images to good use.

You could also use the comic pages from the Sunday newspapers to wrap kid's gifts. Do share any other ideas you may have.


Naturally Carol said...

You will have a beautiful garden of flowers under your tree this year..gorgeous! I don't think all the males (4) here would appreciate it as much as I do though so we have stuck with a basic red/white and natural theme this year.

Thea said...

Admittedly, the floral wrapped gifts are only for the girls in our family too Carol. The boys would not be impressed although my son and husband would probably not care as they are used to me.

Claudia Lane said...

What a lovely idea Thea, I love it! Cx

Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

Great idea! x

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