Wednesday 16 September 2009

Eco Birthday Gifts

It was my little possum's birthday on Monday. Elessa moved to Melbourne earlier this year as Brisbane was "too boring" and is now studying Nutrition at the Endeavour College of Natural Health. She loves watching shows like "The Biggest Loser".

I was sad not to celebrate with her but put together a lovely parcel of hand-made goodies for her. I bought a upcycled notebook made from an old novel that includes some of the original pages. The second one, "Legends of Greece and Rome" is for me as I love history. You can buy your own unique journal from Found n Bound.

Elessa asked for tea-towels and I know she loves butterflies so she got one of these but also one of these. I just discovered that my "Loads of Fishes" tea-towel was just featured on Apartment Therapy (why don't they ever tell you these things?)

Other goodies included a lovely set of these from Mimi First who was my neighbour at the last Boutique Markets and a pair of Thea & Sami red organic leggings.

Now for the wrapping. I used the poster from the latest issue of Frankie magazine. You can download this or other cool images as desktop wallpapers from here. The birthday card was one of my hand-made cards.

I will let you know how Elessa likes her parcel once she gets it. She isn't a regular reader of this blog so I am safe in revealing these to you. She only opens my monthly newsletters because she knows I can tell if she doesn't. Yes, a mother always knows!

Update: parcel was a success!

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emma said...

What a lovely and thoughtful parcel. It's always exciting to receive things in the post. I bet Elessa will be thrilled! Also congrats Thea on your successful fabric launch the other week. Photos looked great.

Michelle said...

I love the notebooks...
and even nicer with some original pages...
It's so nice to get parcels from home...

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