Monday, 25 October 2010

October Printers & New Class

It's raining in Brisbane again but Saturday was sunny and perfect for a day of screen-printing. Enjoy the inspiring images from our October workshop.

Chelsea Steinorht's design was inspired by Carmen Miranda. The colours are perfect, don't you think?

Penny Woodend played around with printing at different angles with her flowers and lizards. I do apologise to Penny and Chelsea that I missed taking your photos.

Dominique Burn is the mum of 2 little girls, can you tell? Her dress prints are so sweet.

Helen Da Cunha isn't a professional model but could be.

Helen's husband is Brazilian and a drummer so I'm sure he will love this print.

Simple works so well when screen-printing with stencils. The cutlery is also Helen's work.

Here's Kylie Challenor again (see previous post) with her fruity prints on calico bags. Kylie writes a blog called Flying Ducks.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the colourful paper stencils that the girls hung up to keep. Kylie framed hers.

Now for the good news! I now have a great new studio assistant so can teach one more class this year. The November class is full but I am taking bookings for December the 11th so you will be able to print up some unique Christmas presents. Please
book your place directly on-line.
Oh dear, that was fast but this class is now fully booked!

Don't forget you can see our fabric yardage-printing demo this Saturday at our
Open Studio.
Please RSVP if you are planning to come along. It will be a great opportunity to meet some local bloggers.


Kylie C said...

It was such a fund day - thanks again Thea! I'm now inspired to continue my own (very basic) designs at home!

Mystica said...

Lovely work shown here and thank you for the links.

Catherine Lowe said...

Hello Thea! I have not stopped by for some time, but really enjoyed seeing the workshops efforts. Love the pears, the apples and of course the drummer! COOL

Chelsea Steinohrt said...

Thanks Thea, I had a great time at the workshop. Screen printing is so much fun!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What creativity! It is always wonderful to see what your students are doing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Thea,
Finally I get round to saying thanks so much for a wonderful workshop, I had such a great time and would highly recommend this day to anyone considering it!
Dominique x

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