Monday 4 April 2011

Curly Tree Cards & Gifts

If you looking for lovely hand-made cards and small gifts with a special touch, then do visit our newest customer Curly Tree for convenient on-line shopping.

Owner Maree Hankinson has a passion for gardening and sewing and a background in the giftware and nursery industries. Curly Tree was born out of her frustration of not being able to find that special card when needed.

Cute Bird's Nest Gift Tag

In Maree's words: "I just love cards and consider them as affordable mini artworks . I have sourced my cards from some very talented artists. Many of the cards are hand-printed, nature-inspired and include birds, butterflies, flowers, trees, insects etc.

Also on offer is a large selection of gift tags and mini cards at very reasonable prices. The gift ware selection offers lovely hand made items that are perfect for giving including the stunning Thea and Sami tea towel range (thanks Maree)! In the wrapping section is a gorgeous range of cotton and linen printed ribbons suitable for tying gifts or using in sewing projects"

Curly Tree offers free postage on all orders over $15.00 - you've got to love that and I'm loving the linen bird that is Maree's own handmade creation.

Photos are courtesy of Curly Tree.


Unknown said...

Oh Thea, these are so cute. Thank You for all your kind words re Harry. It meant a lot. I will give you a call this week re getting more of your beautiful pieces....Ta

Felicity said...

Thank you for introducing me to Maree's work Thea, I'm in love with the little birdsnest - too amazing!

x Felicity

Claudia Lane said...

This is so lovely Thea, thanks for sharing :))

Tiff said...

How lovely are those tags!!! I have such a weakness for pretty paper products..and fabric... so I am also dazzled by her gorgeous linen bird. How clever! I will have to check her other items out too! I hope your Mr is recovering as well. X

Tracey said...

Just wonderful - I love the birdsnest and the linen bird too ... there's too much birdie loveliness! ;)

Le said...

i think - and forgive me because what do I really know ... - you might want to do a paper range to compliment your linens ... I so see you work on brown paper and lengths of ribbon :) best le xox

Thea said...

Hi Le, feedback is always welcome. However at this stage, I refuse to add any new products to our range until I can effortlessly manage the current production of orders and I can stop working 18 hours a day :)

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