Tuesday 26 July 2011

Not Taking Walking for Granted

I will no longer be blogging in the mornings as Zoe and I have started power-walking. With the weight gain slowly creeping up on both of us over the last couple of years, there are no more excuses. We need to trim down and get fit.

She's a willing exercise buddy which is good as Voyt (my husband) has not been able to walk for the last couple of months. For those who are interested and have been following my blog, it has turned out that his previous leg infection has caused the cartilage in his ankle to deteriorate. We are upset that the doctors did not pick up on this sooner when he complained of the clicking sound, which we now know were bones knocking together, and the ever-increasing pain.

Voyt has just flown to Europe for advanced treatment and to avoid waiting 3 months in chronic pain just to see a specialist here. Luckily, his son who is studying medicine, will be meeting him over there.
I'm really hoping that it all goes well.

Zoe loves seeing other animals except for other dogs that is. Horses are a favourite and we live near the Gumdale Pony Club so often walk pass them. For those who follow my facebook page, you will know that my crazy dog has recently befriended a bush turkey. It's been walking around in our yard daily and Zoe has just been following it around. I think she's too pampered to have any killer instinct.

In the studio, I've been mixing up new colours and today was largely spent trying to achieve the perfect navy. New Spring colours are coming soon.

If you are looking for unprinted white linen, it is now available for purchase on our website. Don't forget that the Dusty Pink and Sage Green linens are on sale here and more discontinued products have been added to our Sales Page.


Anna Bartlett said...

So glad Voyt's going to get some help for his leg. Amazing that they didn't figure it out sooner. Keep walking that cute dog of yours. You'll be a new woman by the time he gets back!
PS. Loving the navy. I've always thought it was much more feminine than black.

Keren - The Brown Trading Co. said...

Good for you getting up and about early in the morning!

Not good about Voyt's leg. Hope he gets some relief from his visit to his son :o)

I will never take walking for granted ever again either - in December I shattered my ankle, have had 2 surgeries, plates, rods and screws and spent 3 months in a wheelchair - it was horrid to say the least!! I even went to the last trade fair in a wheelchair - not fun. It's so debilitating having and injury like that.

Hope your husband is up and about soon.


petals and vintage said...

Thea, Very best of luck to poor Voyt.

The walking - fabulous idea for he soul as well as the bod. It is great thinking time for me.

The navy looks prefect to me. You are so good at mixing colours.
Pam x

beachvintage.com said...

Wow Thea, thats a big trip for Voyt, I wish him all the best. Hope he gets some relief and comes back happy!

Naturally Carol said...

Mornings are the best time to be out and about not stuck behind the computer! I hope your husband's leg gets the treatment it needs and heals quickly.

The Chairy Godmother said...

Please, please - can we see a picture of Zoe and the turkey together? That would be wonderful.

Natalie said...

That's a shame, I am still waiting with baited breath to see your completed upholstered chair! After reading your posts I got hold of an old chair to re-upholster (for free too) and can't wait to start!
Best wishes for Voyt,

Thea said...

Thanks for all your well wishes.
Keren: that's awful about your leg. I've seen my mother go through similar pain but worse, her leg was broken 3 times (2 by doctors) and is still not right.
CG: I have tried to get a photo of Zoe and turkey - it's not easy.
Nat: Don't hold your breath waiting for me to finish the chair. I knew if I didn't get it done in the class, it would be a challenge finding the time.

Le said...

good luck with all the walking - rather inspiring :) le xox

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