Thursday 13 October 2011

Mini Designer Chairs

I have chairs on the brain as I really want to finish painting mine but work and bad weather have not been cooperating.

But look at what I found over at facebook; a miniature Charles & Ray Eames chair & footstool. How adorable.

There's plenty more toys for those who love designer chairs but can't afford the real thing. These mini chairs are all made at 1/12 to true scale.

You can purchase your collectible mini designer chairs over at Adelaide-based Foundabout, a unique on-line store that sells intriguing limited-edition decor items.

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Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I've bought my brother (who is really into chair design) a whole bunch of these - a different brand though, I bought them in Japan.

brismod said...

They are very cute and probably as close as I'm going to get to affording the real thing! xx

Gild and Grace said...

These are adorable Thea!

Abbey x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. The perfect solution for those with a chair fetish! I see you will be at Bowerbird. Me too so will come and introduce myself! thanks, Kyrie xx

Thea said...

You're welcome Kyrie! Do introduce yourselves for sure. I look forward to meeting you both in Adelaide. x

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