Friday 4 November 2011

Pink on White Walls

Don't you just love the name? It's a gorgeous new shop in Graceville, located in Brisbane's south-west.

Graceville is a little nostalgic for me as my dad used to own the fruit shop there many years ago. I would work there on Saturday mornings and catch the train after school to earn my allowance (that is a long time ago).

This is a space where you will find the latest in summer fashion, accessories and homewares including an extensive range of our hand-printed goodies.

Expect friendly & expert advice from stylish owner and interior designer Louise and shop manager Charlie.

Hopefully, when you visit you will see Thea & Sami cushions and lampshades on this top shelf although I do love yellow.

Find Pink on White Walls at 335 Honour Avenue, Graceville. LIKE their Facebook page for more information and to keep up to date.


Mimi said...

A beautiful shop. I love the painting at the front of the shop. Mimi xx

Le said...

It's great to see a resurrence of indepentant retailers ... ya go the girls :) will put it on my check out list for next year - best le xox

Sydney Steenland said...

Looks full of lovelies and if it stocks Thea and Sami fabrics, then they also have superb taste! (what a brown nose-er hey!)
Hava great weekend
Sar x

Jaz Higgins said...

What a cute shop! and yes - the name is perfect!!

I also thought I'd mention that you were awarded a "Tell Me About Yourself" award on my blog. :)


Le said...

morning :) you are mentioned in the new edition of Aust Country Style in an artilce on a shop in toowoomba - french essence I think ... ya you :) le xox

ps word verification : nonjump ... how I feel on a monday morn at the prospect of another week at work :)

Thea said...

Thanks Le for letting me know. The shop is French Allure. I'll have to buy an issue today. x

the old boathouse said...

I know the store Thea and it is lovely lovely!! I loved that your Dad owned the fruit store, I used to go to school in Corinda so used to know the train line well too. xx Katherine

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