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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The Shak

Yes, we are still in business. Sorry for being so slack - after having a couple of weeks break over Christmas and having several things go wrong with the sampling of our new collection, we were excited to receive a phone call from Brisbane's Channel 9 to do a segment for their children's show "The Shak". The station remembered us for appearing on Extra last year with our Brisbane Skirt story. So you never know how publicity comes back to you.

We are helping to answer a young viewer's question of "What is screen-printing" and I am seen here helping Picasso (Kendal Nagordca - she's on your left) cut out a stencil to print The Shak's logo onto a t-shirt. It was like giving one of my workshops for one.

The episode will not be screening for a couple of months but keep checking here for updates and we will let you know when. It will be aired nationally across Australia.

Other news - we are currently working on a small collection of hand-printed and beautifully tailored ladies fashions for Spring/Summer 08/09. We have ordered some organic fabrics and will also soon be offering our own range of organic t-shirts and hand-printed organic fabrics. Why are these so hard to find in Australia and so expensive? We will be offering these at retail prices for people who want to sew their own organic and eco-fashion.

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1 comment:

ellie said...

Hey Thea,
What great news for you, advertising like this must be quite invaluable.
I have just started working at The Servo (today was my first day), and I was a bit surprised that there was nothing of yours there, anymore. Are you still stocking there? I was looking forward to (trying to) selling your beautiful range!
Take care, Ellie
PS - sorry I still haven't made it to any workshops, yet.

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