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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Eco Market Buys

I had so much fun shopping at last weekend's BrisStyle Indie Designers Eco Market that I thought it only fair to share my loot with you.

A babushka mosaic trivet from Cairo Made That. Voyt actually chose this as he drinks a lot of tea and it is the perfect size for resting his mug.

A Julia Gillard doll from Wicked Child Designs. I was totally fascinated by the fact that a doll with buttons for eyes and hair of felt could bear such an uncanny resemblance to a real person.

Creator Teneale Muir has such a wicked sense of humour. Each doll comes with a mini canvas depicting a message. Can you read this one? It says, "Sorry Australia, you won't be getting your tax refund. Prime Minister Julia Gillard spent it all on her hair".

I love brooches even though I tend to lose them or cruelly put them through the washing machine. This sweet poppy was felted by Sandrine Marsh. Watch this space as I have ordered a hand-felted vest that is being made especially for moi by Sandrine.

I couldn't resist these pretty cushions by Moose & Bird who I blogged about here.

More pretty vintage fabrics were used to make these bookmarks by the sister team of Beckybean.

And don't ask me why but I bought yet another vintage embroidery book. I just find these so inspiring even though I know I shall never have the time to embroider. This was part of Edward and Lilly's moving sale. As you can see, I did my part in supporting the local community and recycling. Did you find any little treasures this week?


kyliept said...

Nice purchases! I was chuffed to find out that I won one of the raffle baskets — yay for me!

My winning streak is totally out of control right now…

Thea said...

Oh lucky you! It must be good karma.

Kerry said...

I can't believe I haven't visited your blog for so long...sorry! Bought a couple of items from your store today as well...looking forward to getting them!

theoldboathouse said...

Oh thea, I sha your pain on the brooches through the washing machine.....I do the same thing and it is heart breaking....fab little felt brooches end up the size of a pea...maybe we need a big sign to remind us above the machine....haha. Love all your stash, cheers katherine

Sandrine said...

Pretty shopping Thea!!You made me giggle with the washing machine story :)Well you will have a pretty ring!;)X

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