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Friday, 16 July 2010

Friday Follower - Sue

Sue Garrard is this week's Friday Follower and is based in South Australia's beautiful Barossa Valley. She is passionate about creating jewellery from "the world's discards".

1. Who is Divajools?
"Divajools" is my blog. It is the off-shoot of my jewellery-making business "Viva la Diva" and my first baby-steps into the cyber-world.

2. Is Viva la Diva your full-time occupation?
I guess Viva la Diva could be described as a full-time obsession really - I don't have a "real" job so in that sense then yes, it is. Divajools helps chronicle that.

3. What do you do when you're not working on your business?
I make stuff! Truly, I am always making something even if it is just a birthday card. I also op-shop (thrift shop). I like to think of it as a business related activity - I use recycled stuff in my work. I have one teenager left at home so he still requires feeding and general maintenance and I try to see my daughters as often as I can - they live 80kms away now. I am studying for an Visual Arts degree so that takes up some brainspace. Of course hanging out with my nearests and dearests is a priority.

4. Where can we see or buy your work?

You can check out some if it on my blog. The "Viva la Diva" range is sold via a party plan type set-up. - I go to peoples home and set up a mini-market in their lounge room really. The other stuff is mostly for exhibitions at this stage. I have one coming up as part of the SALA Festival.

5. What can we expect from Viva la Diva in the near future?
I really hope to open an online store (etsy/madeit) before Christmas 2010. That is my goal and now I have put it out in the public domain so I guess I will have to folllow through...

6. Would you share something interesting that isn't common knowledge?
When I was a young girl, I thought the most glamorous job in the world was being a truck driver in the Navy. I didn't get out much as a kid. I also used to think Burt Bacharach was sexy .... oh please don't make me confess anything else.

Ooh, I love confessions. Thank you Sue for sharing. Visit Divajools to see more upcycled jewellery such as the featured bracelet and earrings made from silver-plated forks.

All images are courtesy of Sue Garrard.


Nat said...

wow- I love these pieces of jewellery that you have shown. Not really having a particular jewellery 'style' myself, I am still finding out what I like!

baysiderose said...

What gorgeous jewellery. I am off to check out her blog now.Thanks for showcasing her amazing talents.

Sandrine said...

Another very talented lady here, thanks for sharing Thea!X

Exquisite Accessories said...

Wow thats great I'm all for recycling & she has a great talent! I'm of for a peek now :))))

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Great feature and such unique work! It's always so inspiring to read your Friday Follower posts. Thanks for sharing.

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