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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Linen, Bicycle & Flowers

I had a vision of a pretty girl riding her bicycle through lavender fields. She is wearing a white lace dress and carrying a very stylish, linen backpack.

Admittedly, I couldn't find a lavender field in Brisbane but I did discover pretty Kylie Timmins who brought along her bicycle to be my model today in a local park.

I enjoy being part of the blogging community and Kylie and I met via our blogs. When I saw her wedding photos (this is the dress she wore) and her bicycle on hers... I knew that I had found my muse.

No lavender here but the flowers we bought are a shade of lavender, no?

This is a sneek preview of our Summer backpack, a design collaboration between Thea & Sami and Lyssy May. The bag is French-inspired, hand-printed and natural linen inside and out. Even the cord is 100% linen because I just love linen!

If you are visiting the Life Instyle trade show, you may view our new accessories range up close. Contact us to make a personal viewing appointment, otherwise you will find us at Stand 226.

Thank you dear Kylie for a lovely day in the park today. Visit Kylie's sweet blog: Flying Ducks.


baysiderose said...

Oh Thea what a gorgeous shoot! That backpack is to die for -just too cute.
Great post Thea.

kyliept said...

Thanks Thea - it was lovely to meet you in person and spend the morning with you!

designed to a T said...

Hi Thea, thanks for linking into my blog. I've very new to all this.

I follow Kylie quite regulalry and have known her for quite a few years now. I checked her blog today and came straight over to take a look.

Love the simplicity of the prints you do. So perfect.

Heading off to do a refresher screen printing course here in Sydney next weekend. Can't wait. Trying desperately to get my artwork finished tonight.

Thanks again and great blog


theoldboathouse said...

Hi thea, the back packs look wonderful and Kylie looks so lovely, and is everything I would imagine a muse to be. I admit I miss lyssy may since they moved away, cheers katherine

Sandrine said...

What a great combination of talent!
The result is stunning, the fabric, the bag and the model!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Love your new addition to the shop! The bag is gorgeous. I always knew that your fabrics would be perfect for creating bags!

KT Doyle said...

Gorgeous print on a beautifully designed bag. This will be a winning combination for you and I completely agree with Pesky Cat Designs!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

The backpack looks great! And a lovely French-inspired shoot!

brismod said...

Wow! Great photos! Definitely the perfect muse.x

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