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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Vintage Pillowcases

Do you find that as you get older, you begin liking the things your mother had in the house but that you considered less than stylish as a youngster?

I do and am quite appreciating vintage pillowcases lately. However, I do remember my mother giving me appliqu├ęd pillowcases, not unlike these, for my "glory box" one Christmas. As I was still a teenager, I was horrified and less than impressed but similar gifts kept coming my way.

Most of my original gifts are long gone so it's ironic that I am now looking for and buying similar items. Perhaps it's also a little nostalgia we feel as time goes past?

I've always been afraid to use items that are still in their original packaging but are they really that precious? Do you think items should be preserved if not used for 30 - 40 years or should we breathe some life into them?

This patchwork pattern is from a pair of pillowcases recently purchased on eBay. My mother had a similar sheet set in shades of browns but I much prefer these sweet tones. Are you ready to raid your mother's cupboards?


Jodie said...

There are so many things I wished I'd kept of my grandmothers but at the time I had no appreciation of their value or could never imagine using them. I'm a firm believer now of using everything and enjoying it. Your vintage pillowcases are lovely.
Have a wonderful day :)

Mystica said...

Wishful thinking on my part. My mothers cupboards have been raided and everythings gone!

Raine and Sage said...

I know exactly what you mean about developing Granny instincts! Those pillow slips are gorgeous. Make me think of a warm sunny day and the windows open. Yes, I think things should be opened. After all fabric doesn't feel the same in plastic and that's a bit part of the appeal. x

theoldboathouse said...

You have to use them. The most precious thing in life is being loved and giving love and I believe this extends to objects too. Use them, enjoy them and love them every day and if they were given to you by a loved one orbelonged to a loved one I bet you will find that loved one is closer to you if you use their gift or possesion than if you hide it away in a cupboard. The pillow slips are sooo lovely, cheers Katherine. PS My friend loved her tea towels I also got her some place mats...I hope she uses them and dosn't hide them away for "Best".

Kylie said...

I totally agree Thea!! I am the same :) Loved this post. Kx

Creative Arty Facts said...

Ha! My "glory box" is still alive and kicking and packed with love by my dear mum! Each time in go in looking for something I've lost or cannot find, I'm distracted by something else I've yet to unpack and discover!

Jetta's Nest said...

We didn't have any of this sort of stuff growing up, lots of chenille yes but no embroidered pillowcases.

I have the brown sheet set that you mention, I've just used some to make horns for my monster cushions :)..and yes, sometimes I wonder if things get past their use by date. I have some fabric that's from the 60's and still has original price tags on it...I can't bring myself to cut it!

Anonymous said...

My favourite find at my Nanna's place was three handmade and hand embroidered aprons circ 1930s. So sweet. They were made by my Great Grandma who loved to embroider. I promised my Nanna that I would cherish them and not put them on ebay.

I might have to wear one to my next BrisStyle market.

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