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Wednesday, 19 January 2011


What The Fluff is this? If you really want to know, you can revisit my blog post about it here.

You must be thinking that I have too much time on my hands but the truth is that I have been home fighting a nasty headache all day and yesterday my assistant had one (are they contagious?) We're not getting much done, I'm afraid.

So I thought we could all use a smile. The "Great Balls of Fluff" is my most popular blog post of all time. Sad but true as it has nothing to do with design, craft or hand-made.

All orders will be posted tomorrow. I just can't leave the sofa. I just hope some of the relatives visit the hospital patient (please).


Raine and Sage said...

Oh Thea this cracked me up! I'm sorry to hear of your headache. Take the tablets, drink a water, and close your eyes! x

Emjie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emjie said...

I just read the old blog post. I have now fallen in love with those angora bunnies.

Exquisite Accessories said...

Hope the headache has cleared up Thea!! My gosh I didnt realise they grew so big they would be nice to cudd;e up to in the winter I darn't show my daughter as she would be wanting one!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face :)))

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh take care of that noggen, i might have emailed you my migraine, sorry!! Love Posie

Tracey said...

What an amazing bunny! (my most popular blog post for ages was one about shark tooth necklaces ... go figure?!).

I hope your headache has now departed and you're feeling much better ... Sometimes the couch is the most comforting place to be.

Take care.

madeleineomahony said...

haha! my boyfriend really wants to get a rabbit so maybe I can persuade him to get one of the extra fluffy ones! They are so cute! x

zazá lee said...

Se entendi bem...não se preocupe com a dor de cabeça.
Euconheço um método muito antigo no Brazil que faz muito bem, nestes casos.
Se não conhece, procure no YOUTUBE.
A tensão que viveram com as inundações devem ter afetado todo mundo.

Leisa Zoeller said...

I thought it was Zoey at first. I wondered what on earth youd done to her! LOL.

Thea said...

I would never let Zoe's fur get this long. I already spent all morning vacuuming up enough fur to make another dog!

Maxabella said...

What a giggle! x

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